The Malibu Alchemist

Handcrafted serums and salves created with Ayurvedic and Western herbalism practices.
Kari Jensen photographed by Jenni Kayne

by Marisa Belger

Kari Jensen’s body work treatments have become the stuff of legend. Spanning three hours, and inspired by Ayurvedic practices, it’s nearly impossible to book one these days, but don’t despair: Jensen’s unique take on well-being can be experienced through  Poppy and Someday, her line of face and body care products. Each one is free from synthetics and preservatives, and features a host of native plant ingredients. Jensen lovingly creates each product in her home overlooking Malibu Canyon. “I hand-make each product, and each one is created in the canyon with this beautiful energy around it,” she explains. “Subtle energies are important—you don’t get this when you buy a product from the lab.” Coming soon: a decadent eyeshadow crafted from ground lapis and pyrite crystals.