Tory Burch: What Does Wellness Mean to You?

Supermom of three kids, businesswoman, philanthropist and fashion designer, Tory Burch launched her multibillion-dollar namesake company in 2004 and hasn’t skipped a beat since. Here, Burch shares the importance of wellness and what keeps her in check.
A natural athlete, Tory Burch keeps fit with a brisk game of tennis. Portrait by Noa Griffel

What is your wellness philosophy?

For me, wellness is about feeling great—confident. Taking a few moments to unwind and let the mind wander is also essential. It fuels creativity.

How do you stay healthy?

I love sports, especially tennis, and have always lived a very active lifestyle. Even while traveling, I make time to work out. It keeps me feeling energized throughout the day. I also tend to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables (my mom has been an organic gardener since the 1970s). But that’s not to say I always resist French fries.

Are there any wellness must-haves?

Music is a must—in the car on the way to work and in the office. Jessie Reyez, Van Morrison, Tupac, The Puppini Sisters… It sets the mood for the day.