Pure Picks: Nina Runsdorf

Nina Runsdorf, jewelry designer and founder of NSR by Nina Runsdorf, launches her latest collection at the new OLIVELA in Aspen this season, a luxury curated retail site with doing good built into every purchase.
“These items reflect my aesthetic as well as my sense of whimsy, and remind me of some of the family and beloved friends I surround myself with during the holiday season.” Photograph by Samantha Nandez;
“I am an early collector of Takuro Kuwata’s work. I adore the eccentricity of his designs. This gold bowl is a gorgeous gift for anyone.”Sculpture by Takuro Kuwata, price available upon request, takurokuwata.com
“Nir Hod is a dear friend of mine. We created this flip ring together, which reminds me of how many lovely and creative friends I have to spend the holidays with.” Nir Hod Eye on a tear flip ring by Nina Runsdorf, price upon request




“The shark bag by Hermès is my favorite travel bag. It’s functional and roomy, but most importantly, humorous and makes people smile wherever I go.” Runway Shark Bolide bag by Hermès, $27,500, available at Material Good, materialgoodny.com


“I am attracted to the symbolism behind rats. In Asian cultures, they are considered auspicious symbols of good fortune in business and, supposedly, if you rub them they will bring you luck. Rats are also industrious creatures, highly adaptable and masters of clever repurposing, which I think we can all benefit from!” Rat sculpture by Nina Runsdorf, price upon request


“In the holiday season I tend to travel a lot, and this oil keeps me looking fresh and hydrated during long trips. The red packaging is also beautiful.” Kjaer Weis facial oil, $225, kjaerweis.com


“I first saw the Haas Brothers’ Mini Beast at R & Company and completely fell in love. It’s like having a little pet—so quirky and fun, it makes my daughters and me grin.” The Haas Brothers Elizabeth Swirly Mini Beast, $45,000, r-and-company.com
“I created the sliced diamond enamel collection for the holidays. I wanted to add a bold splash of color to the refined feeling of diamonds, and the color red conjures the spirit of the season.” Red sliced diamond ring by Nina Runsdorf, $6,500, available at Nina Runsdorf, by appointment only, 212.382.1243, or at Olivela Aspen, 427 E. Hyman Ave., Aspen

While in Aspen this holiday season, head to Runsdorf’s trunk show on December 29th at Olivela!