Sweet Relief

A vanguard natural technology is restoring hope in the face of Lyme Disease.


Photography by Neil Thomas

by Amely Greeven

It sounds like something out of a futuristic novella. You’re seeking relief from your chronic, possibly devastating health condition, you’ve spent a fortune on white-coated experts and interventions—like intravenous ozone, hyperbaric oxygen chambers and bee-venom therapy—and now you’re at home, speaking into a machine that fits into a small suitcase with a yellow ring on your lap.

As you do so, voice analysis technology—also used in FBI lie detector tests—measures the subtlest tones in your vocal range, assessing the vibrational fingerprints of unwanted interferences in your body that may be caused by microorganisms like spirochetes (the bacteria that causes Lyme), and their health-robbing co-infections, including yeasts, viruses and other parasites. It registers frequencies related to metals and chemicals—the milieu that helps the infections to thrive—and all manner of biotoxins and mineral depletions that may have accumulated as a result, blocking the body’s ability to release pathogens and debris so it can heal.

Within moments, a playlist of the 30 frequencies that your unique layer cake of challenges would benefit from is generated, then amplified through a modified Tesla coil and delivered deep into your body as pulsed electromagnetic fields, emitted from the yellow ring. Everywhere the disturbances may have accumulated—sometimes as a result of medications like antibiotics that have made tenacious bacteria hide away in the body—the waves of frequency penetrate.

And then, whether you understand it or not, as you relax with your Ampcoil device doing the heavy lifting for you, something happens. Frequencies find their match in the body—waking up, in a sense, what has gotten suppressed and helping to subdue what shouldn’t be there. The next day, you do it again; the playlist may change to address the subtle shifts in your constantly changing ecosystem. And, as the weeks go by, you might start to feel like the many users who’ve reported that the headaches, fatigue, joint aches and brain fog that have weighed them down and made them feel so bad for so long have started to disperse. Vitality and hope return.

This is “coiling,” a practice launched publicly four years ago by Geneva and Aaron Bigelow, health-tech experts whose family health was devastated by the symptoms of Lyme. After hitting rock bottom, they envisioned an at-home tool harnessing four powerful and already well- known frequency technologies to “retune the body.” When their Marty McFly-like invention brought them “back to life,” they shared it with other chronic sufferers—first the Lyme community, then those struggling with auto-immune conditions that similarly can burn unchecked in a weak and overloaded inner milieu. Word spread and coiling took off. The Bigelows feel they’ve launched a movement.

“We believe the high-powered soundwaves may help mobilize harmful substances, allowing the body to eliminate that which is weakening it.” says co-founder Geneva. “With original cellular energy restored, the body can return to being what it wants to be—a self-regulating system that functions as intended.”

Freddie Kimmel, a Broadway performer who first fell ill in 2001 and arduously “biohacked” his way back to health, credits Ampcoil’s “natural technology”—so-called because it helps to entrain the body back to its natural frequencies of vitality using magnetic fields, the same energy that Mother Earth emits—with “the biggest shift” of anything he’s done. Kimmel is floored by what this vanguard vibrational therapy is achieving. He’s been helping to facilitate a pilot project with decades-long Lyme sufferers and can’t help but gush. “After three months of regular coiling, all are feeling better; they’re laughing, they’re joking, some are even feeling symptom free. In the world of Lyme, this is unprecedented—it just doesn’t happen!” Maybe the future is already here.