New Revival

Rejuvenation Health offers next-level integrative care in the Hamptons.
The center’s modern waiting room

By Charlotte LaGuardia

Walking into Rejuvenation Health, one feels an immediate sense of calm and serenity: The building’s clean, modern design offers a perfect setting for the cutting-edge treatments available from Dr. Gerry Curatola, a biologic restorative dentist raising the bar for wellness in the Hamptons. The Center, nestled in the heart of East Hampton, takes a biological approach, placing the focus on an individual’s natural ability to heal. Dr. Curatola’s mission for the Center, he says, is to “bring down the wall between medicine and dentistry.”

Dr. Gerry Curatola

He stresses the connection between oral health and all aspects of the human body. Rejuvenation Health is built on four guiding principles: Each individual has a unique biochemical, microbial, genetic, psycho-emotional and spiritual composition. There are multiple factors and causative chains that lead to dysregulation and disease. There is an energy or “life force” that exists in every living body. And, finally, that it is essential to treat the individual and not the disease. An outdoor meditation space welcomes those looking to enhance their experience with silent reflection. Additionally, the apothecary offers an array of products to continue treatments at home. Supplements include brands like CAP Beauty, Nutrafol, Revitin oral care, and WTHN, as well as beauty products from Shiva Rose, Dr. Loretta and CAMPO. High-quality CBD from Plant Alchemy is also available for purchase.

The Center’s practitioners include Dr. Keith Durante, Dr. Steven Levine, Dr. Shari Auth, and Dr. Curatola himself. Vanguard treatments include Emsculpt body contouring, hyperbaric oxygen, BioMat infrared therapy, IV drip therapy by REVIV, acupuncture by WTHN, LED light therapy, longevity medicine, and biologic dental services. Dr. Curatola plans to integrate the Center’s offerings into his dental treatment plans beginning in January 2020. For example, old amalgam tooth fillings leach mercury into the body and may lead to poor memory, kidney function and other physical conditions. By combining safe mercury-filling removal with high-dose vitamin C IVs, infrared therapy and hyperbaric oxygen treatments, clients can experience enhanced detoxification and faster recovery.
Rejuvenation Health, 56 The Circle, East Hampton; 844.REJUVME;