In Living Color

Unlock the codes of hues that promote harmony, effectiveness and inner power.
Sharon Pittaway

By Martha Langer

Color is vibratory light. It contains radiant energy and powerfully influences mental, emotional and spiritual states. When you embrace these facts and bring mindfulness to daily color choices, life uplevels. Nature reflects to us the full range of beauty in color hues—more than 10 million colors exist. Since you and the entire world are made of colors, becoming sensitive to their nuances and fluidity is a beneficial practice both for present-moment awareness and feeling the awesomeness of being alive. In fact, your own coloring contains secret codes that when understood and embodied, create pure vibrance in your being.

We can generalize a utilitarian use of color by knowing that blues are soothing and relaxing and are therefore wonderful to see after a long and stressful day. Greens bring vitality to any situation, and enhance an environment that feels dull or somber. Browns are earthy—they ground and stabilize us.  Additionally, attuning to the degree of warmth and coolness of colors can be helpful.

Similar to conscious breath, color unites your physical and spiritual self. Nature intelligently and intentionally created you with specific colors that correspond to personalities and temperaments. Color Vibrance, a practice created using a heightened awareness of color to bring more harmony and energy to daily life, invites you to own that your personal coloring is an important part of your soul’s blueprint and physical being.

You were born with unique pigment in your eyes, skin and hair. When these pigments harmonize into your personalized color palette and you replicate these colors in clothes, accessories, home and office, you spontaneously align with the natural rhythms of your purest self. Your palette is the color representation and sacred signature of your essence. Repetition of that yields harmony, effectiveness and inner power.

Each color on the palette has a psychological implication. Eye color creates balance and rapport, and is great for negotiating—other people feel good and safe with you when you wear it. Hair color is ground-ing. Your skin tone is great for making a positive first impression. Reds are the most potent colors on the spectrum, perfect for celebratory occasions, emotional persuasion and for evoking passion. Power colors are for when you want to be the authority, make an impact and close a deal.

Just like yoga and meditation practices that connect you with your best aspects, Color Vibrance is a daily practice, and way of being that supports and elevates you to a more spirited and dynamic life.

Martha Langer is a color specialist.