Alter Ego: Matthew Cohen

The dedicated Halstead broker excels at sales and community service.

by Julia Szabo

One of Halstead’s top power brokers, Matthew Cohen became, at 27, the team’s youngest to reach $100 million in sales. As his Halstead teammates know, Cohen’s dedication extends not just to his immediate family, but to his work and workout families as well. A devoted SoulCycle member—he’s there every other morning at a minimum, and does his best to aim for a daily spin—Cohen enjoys participating in charity rides. “I love giving back,” he says. “Every year for Thanksgiving, I’ll go to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen with a family member or client, and we’ll help out for the full day. I also try to get involved in things that give back to the LGBT community.”

He may be just 29 and a social media specialist (Instagram: @matty_cohen), but he’s not too young to start thinking about elder care. When his parents decided to move back to Manhattan, Cohen found them the perfect apartment. “I’m an only child, and I’m young, but my parents are quite old for people my age: Dad’s almost 70. When he recently had surgery, I stayed the night at my parents’, in the middle of the work week, so I could help them with whatever they needed. Everyone who knows me, or follows me on social media, knows that I always try to put the word out there for all parents. A lot of my clients are parents: older parents, new parents…and I know that people sometimes have issues with parents, and maybe not everyone has parents as amazing as mine. But at the end of the day, it’s important to appreciate them as much as you can.” —Julia Szabo