Coaches: Beth Mobilian

The Authentic Living co-founder inspires clients to maximize emotional intelligence (EQ) and realize their dreams.
Authentic Living co-founders Beth Mobilian (left), and Lindsay Patterson (right).

by Julia Szabo

She found her calling as a life coach in 2006, when a friend asked Beth Mobilian for last-minute guidance prior to a divorce mediation. “I asked my friend, ‘What if he’s just as scared as you? What if all those fears we all run inside our heads are going on for him too? What might be different?’ Afterward, she told me the facilitator said he’d never had a quicker mediation.” Now it was her friend’s turn to give Mobilian guidance: “You need to be doing this for a living,” she told me. “By 2008, I’d earned a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.”

Today, the native New Yorker still spends time in her hometown, but resides in Aspen, Colorado. “Thanks to technology, I see clients in my private practice wherever they are. My work awakens people to their inherent brilliance. My job is to support clients in identifying and letting go of whatever might be in the way of creating a life they love.” She’s proud to be hired by C-suite executives who recognize the importance of emotional intelligence: “EQ is turning out to be a more reliable indicator of success than IQ. I find that incredibly exciting and inspiring.”

Since 2016, in Aspen, Mobilian has co-facilitated Authentic Living, the six-month program she founded with fellow University of Santa Monica graduate Lindsay Patterson. Equally breathtaking as the workshop’s mountain setting is the palpable force of sisterhood that fills a room when the women-only participants commune from January through June. “Beth and Lindsay are like peanut butter and jelly—they go together so beautifully,” says Authentic Living alum Julia Pirrung, JetSet World Travel CEO. “Authentic Living has profoundly impacted how I live my life, how I parent, how I am in a romantic relationship, and how I run my business.”

While the program is for women, In private practice men respond equally well to Mobilian’s MO. “I work with incredible men who want tools to access their EQ at work and at home,” says Mobilian. The 22 women enrolled in next year’s class say they can always tell another woman who is a graduate—“they radiate”—and can’t wait to be part of this unique sisterhood in their community. Mobilian and Patterson are now considering future programs in Denver and New York.;