Skiier’s Edge

Aspen Skiing Company boosts its sustainability scorecard.
Electric snowmobiles improve Aspen’s eco profile.  Photograph: @taigamotors

Thanks to Phantom, a new, one-time, environmentally safe polymer base treatment, you might never need to wax your skis again. SkiCo-owned Four Mountain Sports is using the application on rental skis and boards, as well as any brought in for tune-ups. Pulp and synthetic paper trail maps are on the way out as well, as all Aspen Snowmass trail maps are now being printed on more environmentally responsible stone paper. And should you be surprised by a snowmobile sneaking up on you, it’s likely the electric one SkiCo has scoured from Taiga Motors, ahead of their goal of efficiently accelerating the transition to more sustainable mountain operation vehicles. Green thumbs up!  —Linda Hayes