Next-Level Spas in South Florida

South Florida hotels have been upping the ante on wellness therapies.
Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa features high-tech facials.

By Beth Landman

Acqualina Resort and Spa

The jewel box of a spa at this luxurious waterfront property is introducing cryotherapy this January. Included on the menu is a “Cryo T Shock” treatment for the face ($375 for 60 minutes), which alternates hot and cold and uses an active advanced probiome serum to reduce fine lines and brighten the complexion; there’s a version for the body meant to tone and tighten as well as relieve injuries ($375 for 60 minutes). Don’t worry, you’ll still get your pampering; the facial comes with some traditional indulgences, including a scalp massage.

Splashing out at the Boca Raton Resort

The Boca Raton Resort and Spa

There’s an outpost of the biostation installed right off the lobby. A comfy lounge welcomes visitors; if they’ve just flown in, guests can combat ill effects of air travel with an IV drip (starting at $99) or B12 injection ($30). Cutting-edge peptide therapy (starting at $495 for a 30-day supply) is available to support fitness and muscle repair. For aesthetic improvement, microneedling with PRP ($675) is offered for the face and hair. Over at the main spa, modeled after the Alhambra palace, ritual baths detoxify, hydrate, boost the immune system and enhance respiratory function. Massages with CBD oil and Korean herbs ($190 for 50 minutes) reduce inflammation. The spa also has its own pool, an oasis of tranquility.

Try the rose quartz massage and reflexology at The Breakers.

The Breakers

A heated bed of rose quartz sand begins the de-stressing process that is induced by soft, healing sounds and vibrations from singing bowls along with botanical oil in the rose quartz massage ($195 for 50 minutes) at this legendary resort. At one point during the session, the bed is tilted 20 degrees to help with spinal compression while reflexology is administered. After your treatment, order up one of the new drinks now offered at the Beach Club restaurant, such as the Immunity (grapefruit, orange, honey, cayenne and lemon) or the Detox (cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, mint, lemon, lime). Wheatgrass shots, bee pollen, echinacea and spirulina can also be added.

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort staffs a fleet of health pros.

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

To enhance the spa program this year, the former Canyon Ranch seaside resort in Miami has brought on a team of doctors including an Oriental-medicine specialist, chiropractor and cosmetic surgeon, as well as a holistic therapist and nutritionist. Among the new ministrations are advanced acupuncture ($125 for 30 minutes) and whole-body cryotherapy ($99 for three minutes).

The Eau Palm Beach

The technological facial has been added to the repertoire of this fanciful haven. A machine called the CACI delivers a triple whammy of crystal-free microdermabrasion for smoothing, microcurrent for lifting and sculpting, and LED light to even skin tone (the One Love facial, $420 for 90 minutes), while the futuristic “3001: A Face Odyssey’’ ($235 for 60 minutes) uses plant stem cells with high concentrations of proprietary peptides to turn back the clock.

JW Marriott Miami Turnberry offers therapies for athletes.

JW Marriott Turnberry

The newly renovated property has a large fitness center and a spa that caters to its active guests, with such offerings as the Athlete’s Getaway ($259 for 80 minutes), aimed at increasing range of motion and improving sports function as well as releasing tension, using the Hyperice machine along with trigger-point work to soften fascia and break up adhesions. Thai Muscle Recovery ($259 for 80 minutes), which combines stretches with pressure point and uses poultices filled with healing herbs and soaked in warm oil, is another option that also boosts the immune system.

Marriott Delray Beach

A halo therapy room ($50 for 50 minutes) complete with zero-gravity chairs is the latest addition to this china-blue, crystal-adorned retreat facing the ocean. Inhaled salt helps respiratory conditions, while an infrared sauna ($20) has a range of lights reputed to be beneficial for arthritic conditions and other joint pain.

Relax after treatments at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne.

The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne

CBD Relief and Recovery massages ($235 for 50 minutes) and a Firm Figure Body Ritual ($259 for 80 minutes) toning treatment using microcurrent have just been added to the repertoire at this recently updated resort.