Corona Virus Prevention Protocol from PURIST’s Wellness Practitioners

Herewith, some PURIST resources on how to stay healthy, improve your mental health, and implement some basic self-care tips—all to get through this period of concern.


Bump up your nutrient and supplement intake, eat a healthy diet of greens, practice good hygiene, and be kind to your body—these are some effective ways to fend off viral illnesses. Click here to read Dr. Lipman’s top immunity-boosting tips.


Organic herbal tinctures for immune support are some of Dr. Linda Lancaster of Light Harmonics Institute’s secrets to staying healhty. She shares her tried-and-true naturopathic methods to prevent the spread of disease with Purist.


Good hygiene never goes out of style. If you love your face, stop touching it! Dr. Lea Lis, child psychiatrist, suggests you break the bad habit now of touching your eyelashes and eyebrows and opt for glasses over contacts to prevent germs from traveling into your eyes. Glasses also create a protective barrier against airborne toxins. Avoid other eye irritants like lash extensions, and rock a ponytail to stop facial itching.

Other tips from researcher Douglas Wood‘s habit reversal therapy—avoid biting your nails (use a non-toxic anti-nail biting formula), stop using your fingers to remove food from your teeth, and don’t put bacteria in your nose by picking it. 


The pioneer of integrative medicine, Deepak Chopra, MD, writes: It’s possible for the mind to get so lost in itself that a person’s very identity becomes confused, conflicted and obscured. When Rumi asks, “Who am I in the midst of this thought traffic?” he speaks for every modern person. The sheer chaos of the mind is frightening, and finding an end to suffering by diving into oncoming thought traffic doesn’t work. Healing through “one simple thing,” the regular, dedicated practice of yoga, is the essence of his message.

 Here, yogi Eddie Stern discusses the ways a regimented yoga practice can keep us balanced and reduce our natural panic responses. Establishing a healthy mind/body connection can provide an extra barrier against infectious disease. And, you can practice right at home.


Now that you are spending more time at home, be mindful of the products you are using to keep it clean. Phthalates, a group of chemicals known to cause cancer, is widely used in household cleaning products, sanitizers and air fresheners. Click here to discover safer alternatives. 


Your daily supplements may be doing more harm than good. Now’s a good time to learn here about safe sources for supplements, the importance of ingesting high quality capsules and the dangers of overdoing it. 


The Ayurvedic nutritional protocol recommends eating warm foods during cooler months to aid the immune system during flu season. Click here for healthy recipes you can whip up at home. 


While a number of radio stations across the nation—including NPR, 1010 WINS (NYC) and KNX 1070 (LA)—and television news programs like CNN will air COVID updates around the clock, it is important to tune into things that connect you to what calms you. Stay spiritually connected, for example, to mass from St. Patrick’s Cathedral which will be broadcast via the Catholic Faith Network and the cathedral’s website, and an audio broadcast will be available on Sirius XM Catholic Radio, Channel 129. For connection to mother earth, watch the Earth Cam livestream which broadcasts stunning views from around the world, like Hawaii’s beaches, eagles’ nests, shark cams and more.


Studies show hand sanitizer plays a crucial role in flu protection. However, it’s important to choose products that are free of harmful ingredients. Some additives to avoid include parabens, an anti-microbial linked to cancer, sodium lauryl sulfate, a foaming agent that causes skin irritation, and triclosan, a synthetic pesticide. Purist editor Cristina Cuomo loves EO Lavender Gel Sanitizer made with non-GMO alcohol.