Train At Home

Technogym presents Skillrun, a sleek cardio and power training system that challenges athletes of all levels.

Photo by FRANK ENGLUND on July 07, 2019. Image may contain: one or more people and indoorWith the country practicing social distancing, and non-essential workers instructed to stay put at home, most of us are on a pretty sedentary schedule right now. But it doesn’t have to be all binge-watching and comfort food marathons. It’s paramount to stay fit and healthy right now. For people who take their fitness seriously, Technogym’s Skillrun is the perfect way to get moving, right at home.

Engineered to meet the training requirements of elite athletes and avid fitness enthusiasts alike, the Multidrive Technology allows users to combine cardio and power training with one machine. The 22”-wide belt provides maximum space for any type of training. Whether you’re looking to get in high-intensity workouts, improve stamina while running, or practice sled and parachute training, this sleek machine has you covered.

For sprinters, marathon runners and triathletes, Skillrun provides a next-level solution to raise your game. Change speed and acceleration with one simple touch. The innovative technology offers a true reproduction of sprinting that’s immediate, explosive and rapid. The Speed-Shift function makes it possible to create powerful, on-the-fly interval training programs.  

Hone your skills with precision training, detailed metrics, engaging digital content and personalized programs. You’ll train like a champion, from the comfort of home.