Backyard Oasis

Rediscover the abundance of nature by growing food at home.
Growing and eating fresh food is the best way to stay grounded and get nutrients. In a time where we are urged to eat as healthy as possible and may have more time to learn a new skill at home, why not grow a garden? Hamptons-based Ocean To Earth Gardens offers beautiful organic and edible landscape designs, including raised cedar and Douglas fir lined vegetable beds. Everything needed to create a lush domestic garden is included: organic soil, cages and trellising, and seedlings of your choice. Novice gardeners can even opt for scheduled weekly maintenance, which includes weeding, pruning and organic pest management. 
If you want to really commit to the trade, take some hands-on gardening lessons. You’ll learn the ins and outs of seeding, trellising, garden layout design and plant biology. Every Hamptonite should participate in Ocean To Earth’s farm-to-door Community Supported Agriculture program: delivering fresh harvested seasonal produce like spinach, basil, sweet peas and radish. Sign up to get fresh delivered produce to your door beginning in May through October. @oceantoearthgardensllc