Push Your Limits

Unleash your inner Olympian with Technogym’s SkillMill.
Photo by Katie Levine

Technogym is inspired by the greatest Olympians of our time, creating multidimensional fitness experiences that summon our body’s inner power. With the revolutionary SkillMill, pro-athletes and amateurs alike can build their strength, stamina and agility using a single product. The machine hones your ability to execute complex movements, improving mind-body connection and muscular coordination. The SkillMill blends seamlessly into HIIT routines, (High Intensity Interval Training), an effective way to burn fat and build endurance.    

The SkillMill’s Multidrive technology unlocks full-spectrum resistance. Experience the challenge of every difficulty level, from a low-impact run to a full throttle sled push. SkillMill’s ergonomic design—which has earned two Compasso D’Oro design awards—was perfected using extensive scientific testing, promoting healthy posture and stability during training. For a fully connected workout, utilize the SkillMill Console, which monitors the body’s vitals via an easy to read LCD display beneath dual handlebars. Embark on your journey to greatness today.  

To purchase, contact Technogym New York: 646-578-8001. or visit technogym.com, @technogym