Transform Your Home Into A Sacred Space

5 Feng Shui Tips for the Home

By Anita Rosenberg

In Chinese metaphysics, we knew 2020 would be a year of great change. We just didn’t know how quickly change would happen. When the world around you feels like a roller-coaster ride of unpredictability, it is even more important to create a calm and sacred space at home. Here are 5 feng shui tips for the home:

  1. Create a power center and get connected—Get out of your PJs. Your home office is a real office and should be honored as such. Designate an empowering spot to work from. This is the year to create deeper, more meaningful connections with people. You are going to need these connections later in the year to help you with everything from jobs, to business, to personal matters. The southeast (SE) sector of your home would be the perfect area to set up your desk and make calls or Zoom conferences, because it has Flying Star 6 which is good for education and learning new things with Unity Hexagram for connecting and networking in 2020. SE would also be a good area to set up your children’s study spaces. If this area does not work for you, at least make sure it is kept clean and organized. (To determine feng shui sectors, stand in the center of your home with a compass.)
  2. Meditate as a Daily Ritual—Focus your intention. When there is uncertainty, focus on what you can control. Your thoughts are powerful, which is why it’s important to develop a daily ritual of meditation. One easy way to get started if you don’t already have a meditation practice is to get into Alpha State or what we also call Sage Mode in Chinese Metaphysics, by sitting in a comfortable cross-legged position with your eyes closed and count down from 64 to 0 (because there are 64 hexagrams). Sage Mode is a neutral state where you are relaxed and present. This puts you in a neutral headspace. Bonus: position yourself in the northeast (NE) sector of your home with your back to the NE to meditate on healing energy. NE has Tiger Guardian for strength and stamina for magical healing to be tapped into right now. Use this NE meditation to stay healthy—and if you do get sick, you will be stronger and can heal faster.
  3. Spring Clean—to create new opportunities. Life is cyclical and this current crisis too shall pass. Spring is the season of rebirth and growing new ideas and projects. Plant those seeds. Make room for something new. Take this time to clean out that junk drawer. Is your garage chaotic? Can you remove books from the overfilled bookshelf and donate them to a library? There is a bit of hoarding mentality going on right now, but it’s more important to create open space.
  4. Use crystals to make you feel good—Add to your collection. Crystals and stones have been on the planet a very long time and unlock ageless knowledge, support healing, and raise the vibration of the planet. No two are alike—and when a piece calls out to you, it was meant to beautify your home. There are so many great places to go crystal shopping. Tune into your intuition, and if you can have someone choose a piece for you—even better. Crystals can be true partners of transformation and this is the time of spiritual awakening. My favorites for right now include high-vibrational pieces like Super 7 (awakening and clarity), aventurine (abundance and leadership), larimar (serenity and clarity), and elestial quartz (releases blockages).
  5. Rejuvenate the Bedroom—Anchor sweet dreams and restoration. You want to awaken every morning with enthusiasm for new opportunities that each day can present. A restful night’s sleep sets the tone for the day. Sleeping on freshly cleaned sheets is heavenly. An air filter or humidifier circulates clean air. Remember: No work desk or computers in the bedroom; preferably, no TV or electronics; no mirrors. To balance the yin and yang, use two bedside tables and two bedside lamps. Extend the bed with a bench or sofa at the foot; that way, the bed is the king or queen of the room. My favorite bedroom crystals for soothing sleep include rose quartz, angelite, lepidolite and selenite, for healing.

*To determine feng shui sectors, stand in the center of your home with the compass.

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