Laurin Seiden: Holistic Life Coach

Strategic life-shifting coach Laurin Seiden inspires clients to discover their authentic selves.
Laurin Seiden’s mind/body approach guides clients to personal growth.

By Gabrielle Echevarrieta

In her early 20s, Laurin Seiden seemed to have it all. She opened her own real estate company in Miami Beach, managing a collection of properties valued at $15 million. Though she found financial security, under the surface she was burdened by a profound feeling of unfulfillment and loneliness. Seiden discovered the world of personal development after she accompanied her former real estate partner to a Tony Robbins seminar. She originally dove into Robbins’ teachings seeking personal fulfillment, but after a nearly decade-long journey with Robbins across the world—including time spent in India mastering the art of meditation—she found purpose through helping others. “We all have unique gifts,” says Seiden. “For me, it came from a calling to hold space and patience for others, because I had to learn patience for myself first.”

Since 2007, Seiden has provided holistic life coaching that utilizes the mind-body connection to manifest personal growth and self-discovery. She uses a somatic approach, in which she examines the physical body to see the manifestation of emotional conditions so she can pinpoint the specific emotional blockages hindering a client’s path to success. Whole body alignment is reached through communication, breath work and meditation, allowing growth to unfold in relationships and professional endeavors.

Through Seiden’s virtual workshops, clients are able to flesh out their true passions and create an action plan to achieve their goals. “Someone may feel that they want something, but aren’t sure if it’s an organic desire or something they were told to want,” she says. “There’s a difference between injected values and things we are inherently inspired by.” Seiden is certified in Kundalini yoga, an ancient practice that uses posture work, mantra and meditation to open each chakra and reach spiritual attunement. Kundalini can also be used to improve balance, reduce physical pain, and learn proper breathing techniques.

Seiden also offers individual and group coaching to businesses. Seiden’s monthly package offers members flexible session times and unlimited text and email access. While businesses may initially seek simple advice on boosting revenue or building an online presence, Seiden often uses her somatic methods to build emotional intelligence and eliminate mental roadblocks as a foundation for professional success.