Pure Picks: Christian Juul Nielsen

Christian Juul Nielsen, creative director of Hervé Léger and Aknvas, shares his interior design favorites and self-care essentials.
“My designs blend style with functionality. These items are a perfect representation of this philosophy, keeping me comfortable and inspired at home.” —Christian Juul Nielsen  Photo: Neil Sharum


“This trunk’s shape makes it easy to pack folded clothes. The built-in shelves feel like a lightweight closet, so I don’t ever have to unpack.”  Essential trunk, $950, available at Rimowa, rimowa.com



“These exfoliating gloves do their job well, and are perfect for cleaning and massaging the hands.” Stimulite® bath mitt, $36, Supracor, supracor.com




“I barely ever get ill, and I’m convinced my daily dose of Omnium vitamins has done wonders for my immune health.”  Omnium multivitamin and mineral formula (180 tablets), $79, available at The Vitamin Shoppe, vitaminshoppe.com 



“This sweatshirt practically lives in my suitcase! With fits for both men and women, it’s great for casual meetings or leisure wear.”  Unisex crewneck in light yellow, $145, aknvas.com



“I am obsessed with this photography collection by Pieter Henket. He traveled through the world’s second-largest rainforest to photograph and learn about the Congo’s local inhabitants.” Congo Tales: Told by the People of Mbomo, $50, available at rizzolibookstore.com


“I love this serum from the sustainably minded brand Miild. I apply it straight out of the shower, let it soak in, then finish off with their face cream.” Facial serum, $81, available at Miild, miild.dk



“My Paris apartment is filled with mid-century decor, and this dining set perfectly complements the fireplace, floors and moldings.”  Hans Olsen dining chair set in rosewood, $8,635, available at Klassik, en.klassik.dk