Pure Picks: Sara Touijer

Sara Touijer, founder of Touijer Designs, presents curated pieces for zen living.
A home meditation space, designed by Sara Touijer, featuring natural lighting and organic elements to promote serenity. “These items,” says Touijer, “allow you to customize your meditation experience, providing the opportunity to rejuvenate body and spirit.”  Photo: Regan Wood


“The rich tones created by the vibrations of this bowl create the perfect atmosphere for the beginning and end of your meditation session.” Tibetan healing grade singing bowl, $119, Shamans Market, shamansmarket.com


“Being comfortable and supported will prepare your body for the stillness of the meditation. I love how these cushions come in different sizes and fills that conform to the shape of your body.” Cosmic cushion and zabuton meditation cushion set, $125, Sage Meditation, sagemeditation.com


“Having these mala beads in my hand while meditating helps refocus my mind, track my mantra, and serve as a gentle reminder to be in the moment.” Mala beads, from $225, Alimala, alimalas.com


“The Focus crystal set promotes inspiration, increased motivation, and focus toward the path to success.” Focus crystal set, $35, The Cristalline, thecristalline.com


“The stimulating, minty fragrance of eucalyptus lightens my mood and rejuvenates my spirit.” Eucalyptus candle, $68, Diptyque, diptyqueparis.com


“This brand is all about spreading love! Get comfortable with your meditation session in a loose T-shirt while giving back to charities.” Crazee Gratitude classic V-neck, $35, Crazee Gratitude, crazeegratitude.com


“The best way to purify the air is by incorporating a live plant into your meditation space.” Indian rubber tree in burgundy, $28, Plantvine, plantvine.com