Pure Picks: Editor’s Picks

Accessories for effective outdoor and virtual fitness.
With my Carolina jumping for joy in her new Moncler graduation gift, and me in my favorite Shan bathing suit I’ve had since discovering their East Hampton store years ago, in search of the perfect one-piece for surfing. Photograph: Cathrine White


“The lightest-weight sneakers for tennis to floor mat to Tracy Anderson classes, that look good all the time.” Alodie sneaker in white, $445, Moncler, store.moncler.com



“Move over, Peloton: Technogym’s new Bike Personal is excellent on biomechanics and connectivity—and the sleek Italian design looks great in any room in the house.” Bike Personal, $11,650, Technogym, technogym.com



“Lightweight ankle and wrist weights used by Isaac Boots. They never scratch or cut during his IG Live morning classes.” Bala Bangles, 1lb. lightweight, $49, Carbon38, carbon38.com



“Earphones for fast movement, when earbuds don’t cut it.” BeatsX earphones in satin silver, $100, Apple, apple.com


“These core sliding disks activate every muscle in the body, and can be used with or without resistance bands. The dual-sided mat prevents slippage or damage to wood floors.” Turf mat, $99, Turf on the Go, turfonthego.com


“The most comfortable high-rise leggings from Tory Sport’s weightless collection.” High-rise tempo chevron 7/8 leggings, $138, Tory Burch, toryburch.com