The New Gold Standard

JECT in Bridgehampton offers skin-reviving techniques that won’t hamper any beach time.
Revive your skin at JECT.

by Beth Landman

Months of isolation have seen a decrease in makeup sales, but a greater focus on skin care. “People are home staring at their lines, and they’re more willing to invest in doing something about them,” says Gabrielle Garritano, founder and CEO (with Devon Nagelberg, co-founder and head of brand) of the medi-spa JECT, which has two locations in Manhattan and on Bridgehampton’s Main Street.

The spas, overseen by medical director Dr. Ali Vafa, offer services including Botox, fillers, micro-needling, intense pulsed light (IPL) to combat hyperpigmentation, chemical peels, facials and radio-frequency treatments for a lifting effect.

The most popular treatment is Aquagold Fine Touch, which uses 24-karat needles along with a cocktail of vitamins and hyaluronic acid to shrink pores and brighten skin. The mix can be tailored to the client’s skin.

Unlike other procedures, Aquagold can be done without restricting your beach activities. “The needles penetrate less than a millimeter so there is no downtime,” explains Garritano. “It’s for people who want perfect skin, and don’t want to worry about sun exposure.” 2454 Main St., Bridgehampton, —B.L.