Stay Wild

The beauty of Africa comes to the Southampton Arts Center.

When we think of Africa, images of incredible wildlife, rich biosphere and safari adventures come to mind. But Africa offers so much more, a vivid cultural history diverse as the continent’s natural landscape. As Africa’s youth population continues to rise, with a 50 percent increase anticipated by 2050, investment in the future of indigenous communities is a necessity. On the forefront of these grassroots empowerment initiatives is the United States-based nonprofit organization Empowers Africa. Empowers Africa supports programs in communities located in proximity to protected conservation and World Heritage Sites, and urban populations that rely on tourism for economic development. The group also prioritizes the health of Africa’s native wildlife, and believe that safeguarding Africa’s natural wealth is critical to the empowerment of the surrounding communities. Since 2013, Empowers Africa has granted more than $6 million to over 41 organizations in 15 countries.

On Friday, August 9, 2020, Empowers Africa comes to Southampton Arts Center for a film festival in celebration of World Elephant & World Lion Day. This outdoor event will feature a lineup of short educational films about each creature, plus pre-recorded interviews with leaders of the conservation movement. Sit and view interviews with Derek and Beverly Joubert, National Geographic explorers-in-residence; plus conversations with Angela Sheldrick, CEO of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and Andrea Heydlauff, chief marketing and communications officer of African Parks Network. Click here to register and purchase tickets.