Freshen Up

Stop the spread and build a better smile.

Now more than ever, oral care should be a cornerstone of our wellness rituals. The mouth is a gateway into the rest of our body, and is often our first line of defense against pathogens and disease. As many dental offices remain closed, Americans are forgoing periodic dental care, leaving us susceptible to oral health complications. Another potential danger is “mask mouth”. Have you noticed a funky scent after a few hours of mask wear and thought the mask’s material or outdoor odor was to blame? It could possibly be a case of halitosis, a common sign of poor dental health and a possible indicator of underlying health issues. Dentists have found that excessive dry mouth associated with mask wear may be the culprit. While wearing a mask, many people may breathe through their mouth rather than through the nose. This causes a decrease in saliva production, creating bacteria buildup on teeth and oral tissues. For a fresher mouth while on the go, turn to Supersmile’s Whitening Gum, formulated with 65 percent xylitol to prevent cavities and dissolve sticky biofilm from teeth. As we adjust to new schedules, work environments and hybrid learning, it is imperative to cultivate healthy sleep habits and stay alert during waking hours. Supersmile’s Awake & Relax morning and night toothpaste duo can help energize our day with invigorating matcha, caffeine and green tea, and destress each evening with melatonin, hemp seed oil and valerian.

Supersmile’s Mask Wearer bundle

For those looking for the ultimate immune defense heading into fall’s cold and flu season, experts say the best foundation is a healthy mouth. While mask wear prevents us from expelling germs into the air, they also keep them trapped in the mouth. As these germs and bacteria build, they attack and weaken teeth, causing cavities. Over 86 percent of Americans also suffer from bleeding gums, a condition that poses a major risk for disease to enter our bloodstream.  Poor oral care can also be a contributing factor for serious health conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimers, and ED.  Thankfully, Supersmile’s fleet of dental care allows us to stay protected without sacrificing the health of our smiles. Their toothbrushes, flosses and the foaming action of the Extra Whitening Pre-Rinse reaches between teeth and below the gum line to purge impurities and prevent gum disease, while the Ripple Edge Tongue Cleaner removes built-up bacteria in the back of the mouth, combating tooth decay and bad breath.

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