Foundation of Wellness

Introducing The Foundation, your complete nutrition insurance packed in a vitamin pack.

According to the American Osteopathic Association, more than 86 percent of adults take vitamins. However,  vitamins and dietary supplements are not fully regulated by the FDA, meaning that many products on the market can contain ineffective ingredients, or seemingly fewer nutrients than what’s stated on the label. Many additives can be lurking in your daily capsule, including cholesterol-packed hydrogenated oil, as well as artificial color and flavorings. Because of this lack of complete safety measures, it’s important to shop from brands with high standards who recognize the value of clean ingredients, like Sakara. 

The newest product from Sakara, a wellness company giving you the tools to achieve optimum health and vitality through their signature nutritional meal program, functional snacks and supplements, is The Foundation. The first plant-based and medical-grade vitamin  pack on the market, supporting immune, digestive, and skin health through essential nutrients that may be missing in our diet.Taking vitamins are essential, as the CDC reported that in 2018 that only 9.3% of adults in the US actually had the recommended daily servings of vegetables each day––meaning that 90.3% of our population aren’t getting all the necessary nutrients daily. Suitable for vegan and gluten-free lifestyles, the six tablets (Superfood Multi (x2), Complete Probiotic Formula, Macro Minerals, Algae Omega and Adaptogenic B-Complex) contain all-natural herbs and botanicals to maximize bioavailability. Each ingredient is at its simplest and most active form, which allows for quicker absorption and efficacy. Within the first week, some users have reported an increase in energy, focus and brain function, plus improved digestion, skin clarity and immune strength after three to four months of use.  

The Foundation makes it easier than ever to nourish our bodies and practice sustainable living. Each dose is delivered in a daily pack, perfect for taking on the go, while utilizing 80 percent less plastic than bottled individual supplements. The Foundation’s products are organic/non-GMO, free from fillers, chemical solvents, dyes, sugar and glyphosate, and are third-party tested to ensure purity and potency. First-time clients can use code PURIST20 for 20 percent off Sakara’s Organic Nutrition Program  and The Foundation.