An Artistic Voyage

Elevate any space with artwork from Keyes Art Consulting’s contemporary collection.
Claude Lawrence, Charles and the Cart, 1980-1990

The ambience of our surroundings can influence our mood, level of productivity and creative spirit. Whether it be our home, workplace or anything in between, filling our environment with beautiful art can stimulate the mind, fill us with peace or inspiration, and make us feel grounded. A thought-provoking art piece can spark stimulating discussions, reinforce our values or give us a welcome respite from the everyday grind. The hunt for art that truly resonates can be an exciting challenge, and Sag Harbor’s Keyes Art Consulting can guide you through this journey. 

Keyes Art Consulting works with architectural and design professionals, exclusive hoteliers and private clients in the selection of exceptional contemporary art. Mindful of clients’ needs, Keyes works diligently to execute a vision while staying within deadlines and budgetary goals. Each project is as unique as the works in the company’s extensive collection, which includes pieces from both established artists affiliated with New York City galleries and emerging artists in Maine. Keyes understands the importance of diversity in the art world, offering a culturally rich selection of artists and fabricators to choose from. 

Explore work from photographers like Milton Greene, best known for his vibrant portraits of Marilyn Monroe; dynamic paintings from Lester Johnson; and pieces by the legendary Jackson Pollack and Jean-Michel Basquiat. East End resident Carolyn Beegan showcases striking mixed-media work featuring cultural icons like Lady Gaga and Frank Sinatra. Seoul-based artist Kim Joon incorporates tattoo culture with traditional porcelain, assembling fragments of material to look like parts of the human body.

Lester Johnson
Fay Lansner, “Portrait of the Artist and Mother”, 1952/53. Oil on Canvas, 36 x 32
Fay Lansner, “Untitled”, 1969. Oil on Canvas, 60 x 40

Keyes Art Consulting presents these upcoming gallery exhibitions at 53 N. Main St., Sag Harbor: 

About the Light (Fay Lasner and Lester Johnson): currently on display

Miles Jaffe: September 26–October 9

William Quigley: October 10–October 23

Graffiti Show Curated by Mike Namer: October 24–November 6 

Paul Davis” November 7–November 20