Sleep Tight

Enhance your evening routine with effortlessly chic sleepwear from Lunya.

The bedroom has the potential to be the most sacred space in our home. It’s a place that cultivates peace, privacy and rest, recharging us for the next day of our demanding schedule. Crucial for overall well-being, good sleep hygiene and a regular self-care regimen are shown to help us perform better during waking hours. We fill our bedroom with things that bring us comfort, and sleepwear should be another element granting us restorative bliss. 

Lunya is sleepwear for the modern woman looking for tried-and-true pieces that make her feel pampered and elegant all at once. Smart design features include no-slip straps and cuffs, lay-flat pockets, and intimates that won’t ride up, incorporated into a subtle, refined aesthetic. Addressing all the factors that make getting to sleep difficult, like temperature imbalance, restrictive clothing and restlessness, each piece of sleepwear is designed to neutralize disruptions. Lunya’s line is built to last, and has been developed through strategic construction techniques and high-quality finishes, ensuring durability while staying soft to the touch.  

Naturally thermoregulating to accommodate body temperature fluctuation, Lunya’s hypoallergenic washable silk creates a feminine silhouette with a modern touch. This delicate fabric always feels cool on the skin, and allows for comfort in warmer weather while its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin during cold nights. Treat yourself to a set of sleep shorts, tanks or T-shirts, available in hues like rose petal pink, dreamy deep night blue and classic starlight white.