The Top 10 Best Wellness Apps

Make your cell phone the most powerful tool in your wellness arsenal. These are the best apps whether you want to try meditation, schedule a barre class or wake up in sync with your circadian rhythms.
Photo courtesy of @davidgrr


By Amy Schlinger


Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, this app helps you meditate anywhere. Depending on much time you have—three, five, 10, 15 or 25 minutes—you can pick a session that focuses on calming anxiety, breaking a habit or encouraging deep sleep. Free seven-day trial, then $60 per year


If you’re having trouble motivating to get in your cardio, Aaptiv is here. Every workout is set to music, with a trainer prompting you over the sounds of the beat. Choose from every type of cardio imaginable—outdoor running, treadmill, elliptical, walking and more. You can also filter by workout length, fitness level and music genre. Then get moving! $15 per month, $100 per year


Don’t feel like sitting in traffic to get to a Saturday morning class? Studio: Tone It Up gives you access to over 100 on-demand, live workouts including yoga, kickboxing, kettlebells, dance cardio and more. Friends can join you so you can work out together virtually (you can even talk to them). Sessions are offered all day long. $13 per month, or $84 per year


If you often forget to drink enough water, this app is for you. It calculates how much H20 you need daily, then lets you set up notifications to give you a nudge throughout the day to drink up. Free


While this app isn’t new, it’s (deservedly) one of the most popular in the wellness category, mostly for its food-tracking ability. You can access the nutrition facts for over 6 million foods in its ginormous database. You can also log workouts—plus, it syncs with other devices and apps such as the Apple Watch or Strava. Free


Track your route, distance, speed and more with this app. You can even decide if you want to do an audio guided workout and have a coach motivate you, and keep you on pace every step of your run. It also helps  customize a plan if you’re training for a race. Free


If you’re trying intermittent fasting, this is the perfect way to time your hours. It lets you pick the period you want to go between meals, and track your overall progress. Free


Track your sleep, and be awakened at the optimal time in your zzz cycle to start off the day on the right foot. You predetermine a 30-minute time window when you need to get up; then using patented sound technology or an accelerometer (if you have an Apple Watch, it’s built in), this app determines when you’re in a light sleep phase and wakes you up. Free


Want to exercise, but don’t care to commit to one type of workout? ClassPass lets you take a variety of classes in the city and the Hamptons—think Pilates in Westhampton, HIIT in Southampton or boot camp in Williamsburg. How many classes you can take is based on a points system that ranges from $45 a month (for two to three classes) to $135 (for six to 10). App is free; you pay for monthly subscription


Meditate anytime, anywhere with this app. Headspace offers tutorials on the fundamentals, two- to three-minute mini-meditation sessions, as well as daily meditations on new topics. We love the ones that are designed for panicky moments when you need a mindfulness break most. $13 per month or $95 per year