Anti-aging, the grape way.

The mighty grape is packed with resveratrol. A new supplement, Oh Grape by Groove, delivers the health benefits.

By Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CDN; CEO, New York Nutrition Group

Move over Botox, we found a more natural and eternal way to fight the effects of aging. Oh Grape by Groove is a premier resveratrol supplement that simultaneously benefits us inside and out. This polyphenol has beneficial effects on cardiovascular, inflammatory, neurodegenerative, metabolic and age-related diseases.

As a dietitian, I normally take the “food first” stance when it comes to nutrition. Yes, you can get this powerful antioxidant from food and beverage sources like red wine, grapes, peanuts and blueberries. However, you must truly commit to consuming these foods on the regular (daily) for just a fraction of the same exposure as the encapsulated version. That does not mean consuming a nutrient-dense diet is a waste—on the contrary, proper nutrition is an integral part of healthy living. The issue is that certain nutrients are harder to obtain even in the most perfectly curated eating plans.

To provide some perspective, and in honor of “The French Paradox,” red wine is the most widely known source of resveratrol. So much so that clients often ask me: “Should I start drinking red wine for my health?” The reality is, you would need to drink roughly 40 bottles of red wine to get the same dose, 500mg, of this anti-aging super supplement. Not saying you are not up for the challenge—I know, it has been a rough year—but please don’t try this at home. We simply cannot ignore the fact that alcohol itself, especially in excess, is innately unhealthy and even toxic. The American Heart Association recommends no more than one drink, or 4 ounces of wine, per day for women and no more than two drinks per day for men. Sorry ladies, but this is because we naturally have lower amounts of body water percentagewise and an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase that helps to metabolize and break down alcohol in the body. Therefore, getting the full therapeutic dose of resveratrol through wine is simply a no-go. Not to mention, high alcohol consumption leads to dehydration, among many other health issues, and that provides no favor to our water-dependent skin.

Now, if just the long-term anti-aging and cardiometabolic improvements are not compelling enough, here are a few compelling short-term benefits of Oh Grape:

1. Immune Booster

With a combination of immune-boosting vitamin C and vitamin D, Oh Grape targets your immune system from all different angles. We know C is the first line of defense against infection, but did you know that D can be just as important? According to a study published in the journal Nutrients, called “Vitamin D and Immune Function,” this sunshine vitamin (which is actually a hormone) is “essential for normal immune function, and therefore impaired or insufficient vitamin D levels may lead to dysregulation of immune responses.”

Considering most of us walk around with plenty of wrinkle-fighting and skin-cancer preventing SPF sunscreen, our absorption of D from the sun is significantly diminished, hence vitamin D deficiency has become ubiquitous. Circling back to my earlier declaration of “food first,” like resveratrol, vitamin D is next to impossible to absorb enough in foods alone, especially to correct an existing deficiency. A high-quality D supplement is often the most efficient way to maintain or replenish serum D levels, and keep your immune system ironclad.

2. Fertility Supporter

According to the CDC, 12 percent of childbearing-aged women in the U.S.—that’s over 6 million women, more than one in 10—have difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term. While the causes vary from person to person (of course, men struggle with infertility as well), one thing is for sure: What you put in your body can either help or hurt the cause. Never overlook the power of a healthy lifestyle, and what balanced eating can do for egg and sperm quality. Along with a nutritious diet, targeted supplements, under supervision, can up your chances of conception.

In fact, a study published in Reproductive Medicine and Biology reveals, “growing evidence indicates that resveratrol has potential therapeutic effects in infertile women with diminished ovarian function, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis.” Additionally, it may also treat male infertility due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Blood Sugar Regulator

Whether you are diabetic or not, it is still possible to have some underlying insulin resistance. This means that your pancreas overproduces insulin hormone in response to eating carbohydrates and sugar. Even small amounts of carbohydrates can lead to an overproduction of insulin when you are resistant. Over time this can lead to multiple health issues, including weight gain and obesity. Signs of insulin resistance may include difficulty losing weight, energy crashes after eating, excessive thirst or urination, and hormonal imbalances. Disclaimer: Even if you checked off all these boxes, never self-diagnose. Consult with an MD for further investigation.

The British Journal of Nutrition published a study in 2011 that categorically confirmed “resveratrol improves insulin sensitivity in humans.” This is likely due to reductions in oxidative stress and more efficient insulin signaling in the body.

No matter what, it is advantageous to get ahead of your health and be proactive by eating a balanced, nutrient-dense diet, exercising moderately and managing stress. But that alone does not always do the job, and sometimes you need a little extra boost. Therefore, combining a healthy lifestyle and high-quality supplement, such as Oh Grape, is your best defense against blood sugar issues, and even unwanted body fat accumulation.

4. Skin Enhancer

Sometimes you just need to see it to believe it—and results can be clearly seen on our skin. No amount of cosmetic skin enhancing treatments or visits to the medspa can fully erase the signs of aging. This is especially true if you are not living a healthy lifestyle. A balanced, nutrient-dense diet with plenty of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, avocados and olive oil is a must. Combine that with good sleep hygiene (including adequate sleep), some physical activity and healthy stress levels, and you are doing the best things you can for mind and body. The only thing left here is an evidence-based supplement to fill in any potential gaps. A double-blind placebo-controlled study published in the journal Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology found that resveratrol improves “skin moisturization and elasticity,” while also diminishing skin roughness and depth of wrinkles.

Beauty starts on the inside. Make sure that you prioritize your health for a strong body and mind. After all, we only have one life, and one body to live it in. Make sure you treat it with respect, love, and a whole lot of self-care.

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