CBD Journeys

A new line of full-spectrum CBD oils from Ohho offers pleasing notes from locations across the country, and promotes local growing practices.

Whether it is where you live or a favorite vacation destination, each U.S. state exudes a unique ambiance that evokes distinct memories and emotions. In a time where many of us are longing for the comfort of our favorite city, wellness-minded cross-country explorers can find solace with Ohho’s full-spectrum CBD oil collection, each created as an ode to New York, Colorado or Oregon. The line of organic, vegan, cruelty- and gluten-free oils is infused with scent profiles that embody each location, including woodsy pine notes for New York, cinnamon and orange for Oregon, and peppery citrus for Colorado.

The brand loves and respects the natural splendor of each destination, and this dedication is expressed through progressive sustainability initiatives. Ohho is part of the 1% for the Planet Community, a group of brands that donate 1 percent of their annual sales to help fund environmental nonprofit organizations’ initiatives all around the world. As a way to combat waste, Ohho has developed eco-friendly and recyclable packaging to reduce its carbon footprint and preserve the beauty of our planet. Using small farms that cultivate between 20 and 40 acres, Ohho’s growing practices combat the harmful effects of “Big Agriculture,” which dominates 80 percent of the market and contaminates over 200 to 2 million acres of land with pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and hormones.

And the benefits to the individuals using the oils are equally impressive: The New York oil, sustainably sourced from the bucolic Hudson Valley and harvested from single-origin flower, is designed for ultimate relaxation; the Colorado oil, from the Rocky Mountains, is made with comfort in mind; and the Oregon oil aids in recovery, and is especially beneficial for those seeking to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing. weareohho.com