The Cathartic Power of a Great Workout

In The Class, the cult-favorite workout she developed, Taryn Toomey explains that students use workouts to enhance mental strength.


Mental wellness and mindfulness are as important to Taryn Toomey as physical fitness.

If it’s true that all of us have some corner of our being that is half asleep, living half the time on autopilot, then it is also true that we have the capacity to become that much more alive. As we step into The Class—the studio, the method, the community—we express and acknowledge our internal monologue in order to awaken into our whole being.

There is empowerment and strength in using the body to understand choice. The Class is a cathartic, physical and mindful experience bringing us to that place of understanding. You have a choice: to put the leg down during the butt lift, to answer the text message from the toxic person. Same but different. Still the same.

We practice awareness to discover that the choice is our own. We use the theories of reflection and application to understand the impact of our choices. We believe that if someone is trying to tell you that you need or must do something, you should probably go the other way. The work must be done through you. It is your work. This way, it stays with you. It is you.

In this safe space, we use the body to strengthen the mind. We are essentially practicing the ability to handle anything life throws at us. Instead of dropping into a cycle of self-doubt, unworthiness and disassociation, we witness the resistance and bring it into a point of awareness. It’s just a thought, after all.

You create a response in the body. Yes, it’s hard. It’s a burpee. It’s a long leg lift. And that struggle creates a thought. What is the thought? How many other times have you had that thought off the mat? Notice it. Study it. Then know that you can breathe through the feeling, simply noticing and staying with yourself. Decide what you want to strengthen. Knowing that what you repeat, you strengthen.

For so many of our students, we inspire conversations within themselves, their bodies and their minds, all from within. We open the body, let it move, discover, find and build its own strength. We want students of The Class by Taryn Toomey to leave our studio or our Retreatments feeling awake, strong, capable and finally alive.