CADDIS: See It All

Bring life into focus with eye appliances from CADDIS.

In response to our increasingly connected world, health experts are exploring the dangers of blue light exposure. While sunlight is the main source of blue light waves (these waves are what make the sky appear blue), other artificial sources, including LED lights, laptops and smartphone screens, have boosted our daily exposure. Research suggests that this light can disrupt sleep, exacerbate skin damage, trigger headaches, and contribute to vision problems like eye strain, cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Curbing screen time may combat these risks, but the demands of work, school and even social media addiction can make this an impossible feat. 

These dangers may sound alarming, and many eyewear brands use our fear of aging poorly to peddle subpar eyewear. CADDIS, a self-proclaimed “anti anti-aging” line of eye appliances, invites us to ditch harmful societal narratives about vanity and the youth illusion. The brand encourages presence in the current moment, a chance to live freely and embrace the beauty of ourselves just the way we are. Offering a chance to see the world without limitations, the clear-lens CADDIS readers now come with proprietary blue light-blocking frequency lenses. Infused into the lens rather than laid over the surface, this technology shields eyes from 45 percent of harmful blue light at, and surrounding, the most harmful wavelength, 455 nanometers. Stylish frames are paired with functional lenses to reduce eye strain, boost mental focus and dramatically increase melatonin production to combat sleep dysfunction.  

CADDIS also offers regular readers, with newly unveiled progressive lenses that gradually increase from zero magnification at the top to your chosen magnification at the bottom. The days of fiddling with a stack of lenses atop the head are over, offering the power to see near, far and everywhere in between. CADDIS Progressives are true progressive lenses (not blended bifocals), and are infused with the brand’s proprietary frequency blue light-blocking frequency lenses. Shield your eyes from the sun’s UV rays, reduce glare and get a clear view of the natural splendor of the great outdoors all at once with chic sunglass readers, available in matte black and turtle hues. 

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