The Sleep Code: Dream On

Wind down, set the mood, and feel your best with bedtime aids from The Sleep Code.

There are many health benefits associated with a good night’s rest, including increased focus and reduced anxiety. While some can effortlessly drift into a peaceful slumber, studies show that many adults live with chronic insomnia. Stressors during waking hours—including new routines, COVID-related worries or the upcoming election—can make getting to sleep more difficult than ever. A number of lifestyle modifications can be implemented to improve sleep hygiene, like restricting late-night screen time and caffeine consumption, but stubborn nighttime restlessness can still prevail. Rejuvenating sleep can be a powerful tool for positivity and productivity during daily life, and The Sleep Code aims to help you fall back in love with bedtime.

The Sleep Code, a destination for reliable products and trustworthy sleep advice, was founded by a mother-daughter duo who were each suffering from sleep woes. While swapping tidbits of bedtime advice found while scouring online resources, they became inspired to create a dedicated space for people of all ages to cultivate healthy sleep rituals. “The conversation about self-care is often framed around diet and fitness, but in truth, there’s no activity as vital to health and well-being that you will spend as much of your life doing.” says Tamar Gottesman, co-founder of The Sleep Code. The Sleep Code offers an opportunity to make sleep a cornerstone of wellness, a chance to rest, rejuvenate and recharge your internal battery. A safe environment to bolster your existing self care tool kit and discover new nighttime aids, The Sleep Code takes a holistic approach to relaxation. 

From stylish pajamas and loungewear to skin care and herbal wellness remedies, The Sleep Code’s fleet of accessories can transform the bedroom into a personal sanctuary. Smartphone usage, a notorious barrier to healthy sleep, can be counteracted with Pursoma’s Digital Detox bath treatment, a blend of eucalyptus, montmorillonite clay and mineral-rich sea salt. Cozy up under Nest Bedding’s Luxury Weighted Blanket, and transform your bed into a lush sleep oasis with a spritz of Living Libations’ Sweet Sleep Pillow Spray. D.S & Durga’s Wild Brooklyn Lavender Candle with notes of magnolia, and the earthy scent of Tennen Studio Japan’s Wandering Moss incense, each create a dreamy ambiance reminiscent of destinations around the world.