Inhale Peace, Exhale Stress

Raise your frequency with The Shift by Komuso Design.

By Amanda DiFilippo

Oxygen is a building block of life. The survival of all organic beings depends on its existence. In the midst of global uncertainty, it’s easy to take healthy breath for granted. Shallow breathing—and breathing in general—is something that many of us unconsciously struggle with daily. By adjusting our breath’s rhythm, our emotional state can be influenced in a positive direction. 

Komuso Design has created a quick fix for shallow breathing, one of the leading contributors to stress. The Shift, a durable, stainless steel necklace pendant, allows for that long, deep inhale the body craves. A Harvard Medical School study shows that “shallow breathing limits the diaphragm’s range of motion. The lowest part of the lungs doesn’t get a full share of oxygenated air. That can make you feel short of breath and anxious.” Using The Shift will quell that anxious feeling, replacing stress with a more balanced frame of mind.  

The Shift’s innovative, tech-free, patented mindfulness tool promotes a connection between breathwork and health. Inspired by bamboo accessories used by Japanese monks, this natural anti-anxiety remedy is made to slow your exhale. The Shift breathing device can provide an abundance of health benefits, including decreased stress hormones, reduced blood pressure, loosened muscles, and a regulated heartbeat. The Shift, endorsed by 80+ psychiatrists nationwide, has also been acknowledged by scientists at Berkeley, Harvard Medical School and Healthline as a powerful way to boost mental health. 

Worn around your neck, The Shift looks like a piece of jewelry. When that anxious pang in the chest begins to build, dissolve it by bringing the mouthpiece to your lips and exhaling gently through the narrow tube. This inhalation and exhalation technique triggers the nervous system and gives way to a restorative calmness within the mind and body. The Shift for Her is available in four colors and comes with a 28-inch cable chain; The Shift for Him comes in two colors, and includes a 25-inch ball chain. As Frequency Mind blog states, “To live life to its fullest, we must breathe to our fullest. Breath is the portal into our essence and brings many health benefits, such as groundedness, spaciousness, connection, calm, clarity, energy, creativity, self-healing. And most of all: raising your frequency.”