Collective Healing

Palm Beach’s Kärnl Moon provides a space for personal and spiritual growth.
Kärnl Moon aims to establish an inclusive presence in the wellness community. Photo courtesy of Kärnl Moon

By Gerrie Summers

On a warm, moonlit evening in South Florida, a group gathers for a guided meditation, followed by a poetry reading. Calming sounds vibrate from singing bowls, and a DJ fills the air with “audio candy.” Local vendors offer organic herbs, handmade jewelry and tarot card readings, while chefs serve vegan bites. The event is called a Full Moon Market, an eclectic mix of activities, workshops and live performances, curated by a new artist and wellness collective called Kärnl Moon.

“I came up with Kärnl Moon a couple of years ago when I was feeling disconnected and going through a lot of personal challenges,” says co-founder Jenn Accius, who is joined by Anuella Alexander, Jenn’ey Accius and Penelope Petit in the collective. “I’ve always been a seeker of wellness, but during that time, I realized that sharing my knowledge with family and friends helped me feel more connected. Doing so showed me that many people wanted to prioritize their wellness journey in a community with others who look like them.

“Kärnl Moon was founded to create a safe space for people to prioritize and reclaim their wellness journeys, especially those in marginalized communities,” she continues. “We believe that wellness is not a luxury, and should be accessible for all.”

In addition to hosting four Full Moon Markets, prior to the pandemic, Kärnl Moon presented an open-mic showcase at local Black-owned eatery The New Vegan, and a Sip & Swap where participants enjoyed wine, exchanged clothes, learned how to live more mindfully and discovered how their actions can affect climate change.

“Due to COVID-19 the nature of our business has changed; we had no idea how it would go. Fortunately, our community has grown tremendously through virtual events.”

Kärnl Moon’s inception was also due to Jenn’s own healing journey after experiencing police violence in 2015. “We were very intentional about our response to the recent uprisings,” she says. “We had a two-part panel discussion on colorism in the Latinx community, and held a virtual open mic centering on justice for George Floyd. We also hosted the Healing Circle, to hold space for people to feel heard and safe, and to heal the feelings that arose with the senseless murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and so many more.”

People across the globe now join their virtual events, which include Instagram Live Q & A’s with entrepreneurs and other professionals, discussing topics ranging from making informed business moves to mental health and healing.

“Our events have an overarching theme: They encourage people to heal trauma, work toward their highest selves, and grow spiritually. So, sometimes they’re meditative, other times they’re food-centered,” says Jenn. “But they always connect communities and promote wellness.”