Open Minded Organics: East End Elevated

Open Minded Organics is a trailblazer for wellness in the Hamptons.

Open Minded Organics owner David Falkowski has brought the green gold rush to the Hamptons. A purveyor of certified-organic medicinal mushrooms and fresh produce, the brand has now expanded its offerings to include hemp- and cannabis-derived goods. Since becoming one of the first farmers licensed to grow and process cannabis in New York State, Falkowski and his wife, Ashley, have established OMO Apothecary, the East End’s first storefront devoted to hemp and cannabis products. Most recently, Falkowski has been named Long Island chairman for the New York Cannabis Growers & Processors Association, contributing more than 20 years’ worth of cultivation expertise to the group, and helping open doors for small and medium-sized growers in the cannabis industry. 

Located near the edge of Sag Harbor Bay, OMO Apothecary serves as a destination for signature CBD and CBG oils and tinctures, plus incense, crystals, sage bundles, kombucha and more. The array of full-spectrum, extracts, including the highly coveted Special Sauce hemp cultivar, are minimally processed and are rich in phytocannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes—known to soothe internal inflammation and regulate mood. OMO’s mushroom and herb tinctures are created with a variety of beneficial plants, including ashwagandha and maitake mushrooms, proven to increase fertility, lower cortisol and blood pressure levels, and support brain health and memory. All products are created in a CGMP-audited lab, are certified kosher, paleo, organic, and non-GMO, and are verified vegan and gluten free. Each spring, OMO’s farmstand offers greens, fruit, eggs and dairy, as well as fresh spinach-walnut pesto, guacamole and roasted garlic hummus. As scientific understanding of plant-based remedies continues to evolve, OMO looks forward to diversifying its yearly harvest, delivering even more healing magic to Hamptonites.

OMO Apothecary is located at Long Wharf Store 7, Sag Harbor;