Change It Up

Refresh, renew, restore with Purist wellness: Discover these top three ways to reset.
Photo by Bruce Buck

by Donna D’Cruz

“I call in the West, representing autumn, the time of reaping the fruits of our labors. It is the place where we have found our knowledge, where we have found our center and we use it.” —Maureen St. Germain

Autumn, fall…this is a season within us, a time to seed, to plant, to nurture, to grow, to harvest and to begin again. Autumn offers Mother Nature’s most complex, quintessential reset. You have expanded (perhaps) wildly in the summer and now, like the leaves changing color, you can metaphorically invite the same. What lessons have I learned, what will I apply to new relationships, projects, business?

I’ve created some simple, effective hacks that I invite you to use, to share and if you feel inspired, to expand upon. Try them and let me know how they serve you.

Reset Hack No. 1

Make time for a nap. We can learn from the great world leaders Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, artists Taylor Swift and John Legend, and even Kim Kardashian—but this applies to all of us. A quick afternoon nap anywhere, on any comfortable seat, on your work chair, or on a couch or a bed if you’re lucky enough, can effectively reenergize and renew you like nothing else. It can give you a moment of repose, time to reset your sails when the day has become too much.

Reset Hack No. 2

One of my favorite things to do to recharge is to take a bath. It allows me to let go of the day’s noise and clutter and have some one-on-one time. I light my pure aromatherapy candles, pour in my bath salts, drizzle in my plant-based aromatherapy oils, turn on some soothing music and completely luxuriate in my quiet haven. I LET GO.  Breathing in, I receive; exhaling, I LET GO.

Reset Hack No. 3

Make a gratitude list. Sometimes when I feel that I am stressed or frustrated, I stop, take a breath and write a list of 10 things I am grateful for. I start with the things that I am grateful for for myself, and I keep writing about all the things I am grateful for in my life—my family, my business and work family, my friends, my community, my health…you get the idea. By the end of this simple exercise, I realize what an amazing life I have, which helps shift my focus from what is negative to what is positive and uplifting. I AM GRATEFUL. For more tips, tricks and hacks visit