For The Biome: Get Wise

Discover Cistus incanus, a powerful botanical offering a fast track to full body health.

People who dwell in the Halkidiki region of Greece have been sipping tea infused with Cistus incanus for thousands of years. This population is known for having more centenarians than any region in the world, and the miracle botanical has been touted as a major contributing factor. Now, For The Biome has brought this potent herb to the western world. 

Cistus incanus gets to work when it enters the body, delivering immune support within two hours of consumption. Rather than simply having immune-boosting capabilities often seen in other supplements, For The Biome’s herb blends make the immune system wiser. A “smart” immune system is one that is perpetually alert and ready to fight against potential infection, yet flexible enough to return to a balanced, resting mode after the threat has been neutralized. These immunomodulating properties are fortified with a synergistic combination of vitamin-C rich rosehip, blackcurrant leaf and chaga mushroom, which has been shown to lower chronic inflammation, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

For The Biome’s Gut-Lung Therapy addresses the gut-lung axis; studies suggest disruptions in gut bacteria has a profound effect on respiratory health. Simultaneously promoting microbiome diversity and lowering cortisol levels, Gut-Lung Therapy contains pre-, pro- and postbiotics from sprouted flaxseed, moringa, chaga, amla and aloe. For The Biome’s herb blends coat the mouth, esophageal and intestinal microbiomes with protective botanicals, strengthening the body’s entire digestive system. 

Cistus incanus can be steeped with biodegradable tea bags.

High stress levels have the capability to hinder gut health and immune response, blocking the absorption of nutrients and weakening intestinal walls. For The Biome’s Stress Therapy blend features a fast-absorbing infusion of calming flowers including chamomile, passionflower, calendula, hibiscus, elderflower, rose and saffron to balance the central nervous system. Third-party studies have shown that Stress Therapy has the power to clarify the mind, boost mental resilience and regulate emotions after seven daily uses. “I formulate for the world like I would formulate for my own family,” says Paul Schulick, For The Biome’s master herbalist. “It is my unwavering life’s purpose and passion to make innovative contributions to the wellness market that have the ability to change lives.” 

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