Guided By Biet

Meditation guru Biet Simkin answers Purist readers’ questions
There is no better life than one lived in obedience to your inner voice, your intuition. Photography by Jonas Togo

Dear Biet,

How do I make myself feel as good as others make me feel? Thanks!

Catherine, New York


Dear Catherine,

There is no other. There is only one thing happening here and it’s us and our connection to the divine. Either we have a relationship with our soul or we don’t. Everyone else around us reflects that. When someone makes you feel amazing, all they are doing is giving you a taste of your soul. If you want to feel that amazing on your own, you just need to learn to connect to your soul. Daily interaction is required in my experience, and I have used prayer, breath work, meditation and reading of spiritual literature. When you have the dance down, you just become the person you have been waiting for all along.

Love, Biet


Dear Biet,

As a spiritual teacher, what are your age-defying secrets?

Jenny, Brooklyn


Dear Jenny,

I love this question because it really speaks to the truth at hand. This life is short; at best it’s 70 to 100 years and other times it can end at any minute. The thing I have come to understand is that I am young till the end. I deny that there is a “getting old,” because the way I see it, it’s all just way too short to waste any time on that.

Love, Biet


Dear Biet,

What is a natural remedy-type of meditation that can be used to treat anxiety?

Marije, Los Angeles


Dear Marije,

I find breath to be the most useful form of return from anxiety. However, prayer works as well. The key is you know you have anxiety. Noticing it is half the battle! Once you see what’s aching you, you can blast it! I also think movement is always a good move.

Hope this helps! Biet


Dear Biet,

I’m on a beautiful path of rediscovering myself but along this path I’m outgrowing my current relationship. I’m trying to grow with the process and take in the lessons but I’m drained. I would love some advice on how to stay centered, or if the time has come for this to end?

Vanessa, Diamond Bar, California


Dear Vanessa,

You know when you know. I found my life got a lot easier once I surrendered to doing whatever my inner voice told me. There is no better life than one lived in obedience to your inner voice, your intuition. It’s sad to outgrow people, but it happens. I find it’s also helpful when moving on to not place judgment on this partner. They are not worse than you or beneath you; you’re just simply gonna do something else. This makes the shift more digestible for everyone.

Love, Biet


Dear Biet,

I am fascinated with your dedication to meditation as a daily practice. Starting a meditation practice can seem overwhelming at times. How did you start meditating, and how do you benefit from daily practice?

Frankly, Brooklyn


Dear Frankly,

You start by recognizing how crazy you are. Just observe how tense, how reactive, how afraid you are for a week or two and you will run to learn meditation. I would also say start small. Meditate for 10 minutes a day, meditate for two minutes a day. Just start. Just be you; you’re perfect.

Love, Biet

Annie Spratt

Dear Biet,

How do you deal with family members when you’re on your own journey? When you’re doing your own growing and healing and they express feeling abandoned, they feel you are being selfish and decide they don’t want anything to do with you anymore?

Jan, Miami


Dear Jan,

Oh man, that sounds hard and I am sorry you are going through that. I would just continue to love them and pray for them daily. Seeing them in their greatest. These family members have the right to do whatever they want. I would turn my attention to, “How have I maybe played a role in making them feel alienated?” Or “How can I be more kind and inclusive even as I take these radical spiritual roads?” If my side of the street is clean and I am being kind, there is nothing else I can do. Hope this message finds you well and remember: Love is eternal, real love is unstoppable.

Hearts, Biet