Pure Picks

Show your pride this Independence Day with essentials made in the USA.
These stretchy, stackable bracelets are beaded with uplifting words and support a local New York artist. Love bracelet, $10, handmade in New York by Love Layla, usastrong.io
Thompson Ferrier’s punk rock-inspired skull candle is scented with essential oils, featuring notes of black tea, lychee, grape and florals. Silver maximilien skull with aroma candle, $99, made in New York by Thompson Ferrier, usastrong.io
This mild and moisturizing soap, wrapped in recyclable packaging, is available in scents like eucalyptus-mint, lavender and rose. Bar soap, $10, made in Oregon by Blithe and Bonny, usastrong.io
Bask in the fragrant citrus aroma of this moisturizing elixir. Massage one to two pumps over the face and neck each morning and night for a sun-kissed glow. Alpha vitamin C facial essence, $87, made in Tennessee by Apollo & Artemis Beauty, usastrong.io
Stop frizz in its tracks with this nourishing hair oil activated with water. Hair revitalizing spray, $8, made in New York by May 11, usastrong.io
A luxurious, eco-friendly way to stay clean, L’Avant’s cleansers are completely plant-based and free from parabens, phosphates and artificial fragrance. Natural hand soap, $32, made in Arizona by L’Avant Collective, usastrong.io
Bounce back the morning after with on-the-go supplement packs containing milk thistle, electrolytes and vitamins B6 and B12. The hangover secret 10-pack, $30, made in North Carolina by The Hangover Secret, usastrong.io