The Vital Force

A local dentist with a global view, Dr. Gerry Curatola of Rejuvenation Health combines the forces of ancient and modern medicine to conjure patients’ inner vitality.

A renowned restorative dentist with over 35 years of clinical experience, Dr. Gerry Curatola has transformed the well-being of countless patients with a holistic, evidence-based approach. Rejuvenation Health, his East Hampton- and NYC-based practice, is rooted in the philosophy of biologic medicine, a health care protocol that recognizes and respects each individual’s unique and inherent ability to heal through self-regulation. A revolutionary alternative to the traditional medical clinic that treats patients with cookie-cutter protocols, Rejuvenation Health has forged a new path in the health care sphere. 

The mere thought of the dentist’s office can conjure dread for many, as a place synonymous with a cold, clinical ambience. Instead, Rejuvenation Health’s facilities are tranquil and welcoming, outfitted with thoughtful feng shui design features and boasting an extensive list of wellness-focused health treatments. With locations in the heart of East Hampton and the Upper East Side, both city-dwellers and East Enders can benefit from the expertise of Dr. Curatola.

In addition to comprehensive dentistry services, head to Rejuvenation Health for acupuncture, energy therapy, in-depth nutritional counseling, Rejuvdrip™ IV infusion therapy, pressotherapy (a type of lymphatic massage administered by a machine for consistent results) and more. With over half the world’s population living with chronic or degenerative illness and conventional pharmaceutical treatments often proving ineffective, forward-thinking practitioners like Dr. Curatola have gravitated toward preventive and holistic modalities. Beginning with advanced diagnostic protocols to develop a bespoke treatment plan, a patient’s healing journey with Rejuvenation Health may include hormone-balancing treatments, personalized nutrition plans, BioMat far infrared, negative ion, amethyst conductive channel therapy and more.

56 The Circle (behind the Chase Bank), East Hampton; 521 Park Ave. Suite D, New York;