Wellness On Demand

With the Fit Concierge app, exercise classes, expert instruction and custom, healthy retreats are at your fingertips.
Choose between a virtual live session, with a video embedded in the Fit Concierge app, or take sessions with a live instructor. Photo courtesy of Fit Concierge

By Julia Szabo

That time on Maui when you had a bonus morning to go surfing—but couldn’t snag a WaveMaster at the eleventh hour, because they all were booked solid? Mishaps like that won’t ever have to befall the wellness traveler now that Fit Concierge is here. Fit Concierge is an app that lets you find top-drawer global and local fitness instructors in any field you could want—goat yoga, anyone?—then book that person directly from the app. Simply create a profile (it’s free), then log in and choose private virtual or in-person sessions of “almost any wellness genre you can think of, whether it be Pilates, yoga, dance or personal training, all the way to breath work and sound baths and health coaching,” explains the app’s creator, Peter Deacy.

This is an app whose time has definitely come: You pay per session, choosing a half session (35 minutes) or a full (50 minutes). You can do a virtual live session with the video embedded in the app—or take sessions with a live instructor, whom you get to choose during the booking process by scrolling through the impressive pool of available talent. “For every instructor, there are three pictures and a star rating up to four stars,” Deacy says. “There’s also a bio listing everything you’d want to know about an instructor before booking them—their certifications and experience level.” While other apps allow users to book fitness instructors virtually, “Fit Concierge is the first of its kind to feature every kind of wellness genre out there,” says Deacy. “No one else has done this before.”

Five years ago, the Californian started a company called Malibu Fit Concierge, to offer sessions for individual clients, as well as partnering with luxury hotels to create private, custom retreat experiences for health-conscious guests. Offering the widest possible range of activities—“guided hiking, surfing, personal training, anything you could think of”—allowed Deacy to bring custom-tailored fitness to a wider audience. Fit Concierge is the result. “This is a truly tested program that I’ve been perfecting for a long time now,” Deacy says. During the pandemic, he recalls, “there were all these amazing instructors who had no work, and all these potential clients looking for instructors. We’ve basically created a platform to match exceptional instructors with clients.”

Equally important is keeping that balance of the mental and the physical. You can book a Fit Concierge personal training session one day, and a meditation or breath work session the next. “What we’re trying to implement here,” Deacy says, “is letting our users put together a perfectly balanced program that helps them maintain total mind-body wellness.” fitconciergeapp.com