Get Clean

Whip up a post-holiday reset with a cold-pressed juice made in the game-changing J2 Juicer by Nama Well.

Thanksgiving is an infamous day for indulgences, rich food enjoyed with good company. This day of feasting may have you waking up on Black Friday feeling sluggish, but a powerful dose of fresh fruits and veggies can help the digestive system bounce back fast. It can be hard to pack the daily recommended doses of fruits and vegetables into three meals, so juicing can be an easier option that’s lighter on the gut. 

Rather than preparing multiple dishes, a bounty of fresh produce can be condensed into one glass when juiced. Juicing is proven to boost the immune system and flush toxins from the body, two highly effective defenses against disease during cold and flu season. For those in the market for an easy-to-use juicer that seamlessly blends with their kitchen decor, look no further than Nama Well’s revolutionary new J2 Cold Press Juicer. 

J2’s powerful technology helps boost everyday fruits and vegetables into superfoods, concentrating the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients so they are easily absorbed by the body. The J2 produces over 60 percent more juice from leafy greens, and over 30 percent more juice from other fruits and veggies. It’s made with powerful hardware, so users can load their entire recipe—even whole fruits and veggies—into the J2 and walk away. This simplicity makes it easier to incorporate juicing into a consistent daily routine, freeing up time to multitask in the kitchen. Moms who serve up store-bought orange juice to kids before school can make a batch at home in a snap, and those who head to a local juice bar for an immune-boosting green shot can create a nutritious homemade alternative with as many greens as they please. 

For those looking to ramp up their healthy diet a notch, the Vitality 5800 can be used to make a variety of treats, including sorbet and smoothies. To whip up a refreshing sorbet, simply load frozen berries, including strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, into the Vitality 5800, along with frozen yogurt cubes. Ultra-fresh almond milk, perfect for morning coffee, can be made in both the J2 and Vitality 5800 without the need for cheesecloth. Created with just 2 cups of raw almonds and 3 cups of filtered water, these nutritious milks can be flavored with a dash of cinnamon or a cup of strawberries. 

Supplies are limited, so be sure to order in anticipation of the holiday season. Get $80 off all juicers using the code CRISTINA80 at