Brain Power

The underappreciated executive organ gets an intensive wellness infusion with BrainJuice, a nutrient- and botanical-rich line designed to have the noggin operating at top efficiency. Purist founder Cristina Cuomo talks with business and music world titan Lisa Ellis, the CEO of BrainJuice, about the supplement’s mind-sharpening, purpose-focusing, life-enhancing qualities.
BrainJuice, a vitamin built for the brain, is 100 percent natural, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO. Photo: Adobe Stock

Cristina Cuomo: How’s your brain feeling?

Lisa Ellis: My brain is feeling good, considering being completely overwhelmed with the world. I love that you are taking on brain health with a vengeance. It’s the organ that we all take for granted.

CC: You’re an expert on that, and I want to hear all about what you’re up to with BrainJuice. But first let’s talk about you, and how we become our essential selves. What is your secret to balancing life?

LE: I feel like all of us have to take as much information as possible and research it properly. I’m someone who has always leaned into holistic solutions.

CC: You’re a purist.

LE: Yes, I’m a purist. I’ve always been very healthy as far as lifestyle, exercising regularly and liking food that is pure. Our product is clean. It’s 100 percent natural. It’s 75 percent organic, and as of this month we will also be vegan. We’re non-GMO. We are gluten-free, dairy-free and we are hoping with every new production to get closer to zero grams of sugar. Technically, BrainJuice is a supplement. It is a vitamin that was built for your brain, and just like you’d be concerned about cleansing your kidneys and detoxing your liver, you should be concerned about the chemistry of your brain being balanced, because if that is off, everything is off.

CC: You’ve explained something important: that brain health involves whole body health. What does that mean? It means touching on all the pillars of wellness from nutrition to exercise to meditation, mindfulness, everything. Creating a stress-free environment for yourself at some point during the day if you can. I have found that the proprietary blend of BrainJuice, the botanicals with the vitamins, the organic ingredients, really gives me a boost in the morning. Not like an energy shot. It gave me clarity and that made the difference every day during that pandemic. When my children were struggling in the morning, as most children were then due to social anxieties, I would give them the decaffeinated version. The caffeinated version of BrainJuice is essentially green tea.

LE: Pure organic green tea leaf.

CC: I would give the decaffeinated version to my daughters, and they went from this sort of sluggishness to, I’m on. The light switch just flipped. I think that whatever the biological manufacturing process that’s going on in the brain, BrainJuice assists it with producing the right amount of hormones to restore normal brain functionality. Because, like you mentioned, we get derailed all the time—environmental toxins, stressors, what’s going on in the world.

LE: Blood flow and oxygen levels are essential also for brain health. And hydration—water, water, water, water. When you have a headache, chances are you’re dehydrated. And what I love about Active, it has organic beet root, organic ginger root and turmeric—those are ancient ways of healing inflammation, swelling. I take BrainJuice Active on the airplane to just help me with that circulation.

CC: Oh, that’s a secret. A secret formula for traveling.

LE: What it really is great for—and that’s why it’s perfect for a workout—is that it gets the blood and oxygen flowing.

CC: When do you take it?

LE: It’s the first thing that I drink in the morning. I have water by my bed all night. In the morning I don’t feel like I have to drink a lot of water, because I tend to wake up in the middle of the night. I just have a sip of water, and then go back to sleep.

Lisa Ellis touts the cognitive-enhancing effects of BrainJuice.

CC: Can we talk about the flavors?

LE: I love our flavors. I feel that for a vitamin supplement that’s in a liquid form, we taste really darn good.

CC: Yeah, it does. The Active has pomegranate and acai, so that’s really yummy.

If you’re not someone who’s accustomed to, what should I say, earthy tones, at first this might take a little bit of getting used to, because you really do taste the turmeric and the organic beet root and organic ginger root, along with the pomegranate and the acai. I personally love those earthy tastes. The sugar is monk fruit, a natural sugar. You don’t get that superstrong, sweet taste, but it does have a natural sweetness to it. Our top seller is peach mango, and we have a strawberry lemonade that has taken off this summer. We just got a major placement in Sprouts.

CC: So, you’re in Sprouts, Whole Foods, GNC, CVS.

LE: We’re really growing and we’re excited about it. The classic and the peach mango powders are exclusive to our website.

CC: Getting good sleep is probably the No. 1 pillar of wellness, and none of us get it. Everything disrupts it. I would love to find a person who sleeps well seven nights a week. What I love about BrainJuice is it gives me that full day of balancing those neurotransmitters that are getting disrupted throughout the day.

LE: When we look at society, compassion and empathy are so needed right now. A lot of people are really stressed, angry and confused. Empathy and compassion are what allow you to make sound decisions. We try to bring the spirit without being preachy. We do believe in love, commonality and compassion, because you have to, if this is a product you want people to embrace. I feel like we all need it, in some way, shape or form.

CC: You’ve been taking BrainJuice every day. What have you noticed about your brain functionality?

LE: The great thing is, I wake up in the morning ready for the day. I am able to really organize myself in the morning, get a lot done and I find myself now in a natural rhythm of how I would like to function, versus a forced one. I am now able to have more time to do the things that I want for myself.

CC: Nothing is more important than our health, and when that gets derailed, we can’t function. Stay ahead of it, is what I say. My favorite takeaway of the day is that your desire is to enhance empathy and compassion in people. It makes me just want to buy it for that alone, knowing that mood and emotion affect our actions. When you’re in a good place and you’re feeling empathetic and loving and kind and compassionate toward others, you’ll make the best choices.