Clean And Pristine

Preserve your pearly whites this season with dental hygiene essentials from Supersmile.
Supersmile Dental Care

A sparkling smile can do more than just boost confidence. Healthy teeth and gums can contribute to full-body wellness, promoting strong heart health and keeping diabetes and chronic inflammation at bay. While brushing, flossing and regular trips to the dentist are great aids in the fight against tooth and gum disease, not all dental hygiene products are created equal. Though many toothpastes contain ingredients that claim to whiten and fight decay, opting for products formulated with wholesome ingredients is an investment in whole-body health. 

Supersmile, created by Irwin Smigel, DDS, is a dental wellness brand built upon 40 years of cutting-edge research and clinical studies. Utilizing “clean” ingredients long before it was trendy, Supersmile’s line is proven to be 94 percent less abrasive than allowed by the standards set by the American Dental Association. Free from parabens, sulfates, animal by-products and charcoal, Supersmile’s products remineralize enamel and dissolve biofilm, bacteria and plaque, ensuring a healthy, cavity-free smile for years to come. 

For powerful tooth whitening without sensitivity, opt for the Professional Whitening System containing fluoride and Calprox, a gentle yet effective ingredient developed by Dr. Smigel to brighten and cleanse teeth. A dynamic duo of toothpaste and whitening accelerator work together to whiten teeth an average of six shades within five days, while eliminating plaque 10 times better than leading plaque-removing toothpastes. There are even more benefits to be had when the accelerator is paired with the holistic Awake and Relax toothpaste that promote sleep and alertness respectively. 

For deep cleansing that can’t be achieved with brushing alone, add Supersmile’s latest innovation, the Zina Water Flosser to your daily routine. A cordless, waterproof and compact tool available in sleek matte silver and rose gold hues, the Zina Water Flosser includes five flossing modes with 360 degree rotation to break up stubborn impurities from the teeth and gums. With research showing that water flossing is five times more effective than traditional flossing for removing plaque between teeth, Zina allows you to ditch that old-school string for an ultra-modern, USB-powered alternative. 

Those looking to make positive changes to their dental health as a New Year’s resolution can invest in Supersmile’s line of whitening and purifying solutions. Make your loved one’s smile even brighter this holiday season by using code PURIST20 for 20% off select items at