Cocoon & Hive Après Ski Launch


On March 15th, Purist hosted an Après Ski launch for Cocoon + Hive the new brand created by Aspen artist, Olivia Daane at Miller Sports Aspen. Bill Miller, owner of Miller Sports, greeted guests who enjoyed a healthy spring Champagne, ginger ale, Raspberry cocktail with healthy bites.

The line includes athletic gear, accessories, jewelry (a collaboration with Pamé Designs) and limited-edition prints. Olivia’s Butterfly graphics grace Aspen locals’ new favorite “LIV 88 Miller Monarch Ski”.“I have taken my butterfly paintings on an adventure around the world—collaborating near and far to create a treasure trove of wellness, design and beauty for a metamorphosing world. True luxury starts on the inside. Each of my Cocoon Collaborators has found a way to take their passion and use it to raise the bar on their own personal growth in a way that will amplify yours.”~Olivia Daane

Cocoon and Hive brings a curation to elevate your mood, your health, your energy. We agree!


Cocoon and Hive brings you LIVBionic activewear, America’s first FDA confirmed wellness activewear brand powered by Nano-bionic that improves circulation so you can work, perform, play, sleep and recover with energy to spare. Nanobionic is the product created by visionaries George and Ermis Psipsikas. Creating the proprietary material Nanobionic, they have made not just a consumer product, but a gift within the wellness realm.

Cocoon and Hive believes your energy is your currency ™. The success of the whole hive depends on all we each GAIN as we GIVE.

•Elevate your wellness.

•Elevate your vibe.

•Elevate your life.

•LIV it.