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Sleep, move and feel better in style, with Nanobionic apparel from Cocoon & Hive.
Far Infrared Activewear Health Benefits
By Gabrielle Echevarrieta 
From saunas to yoga mats to heat lamps, wellness gurus have long recognized the powers of far infrared electromagnetic radiation for a full-body reset. Utilized by NASA scientists and holistic practitioners for decades, a dose of far infrared has been shown to improve blood flow, speed up the wound-healing process, soothe chronic pain and clarify the complexion. These healing waves have now infiltrated the athletic industry, with an innovative activewear line that harnesses the power of far infrared to boost circulation and cardiovascular endurance.
LIVBionic, a new collection of tech-forward apparel offered by all-new wellness platform Cocoon & Hive, channels the benefits of far infrared into chic zip-ups, leggings and tanks. Cocoon & Hive’s founder, Aspen-based artist Olivia Daane, was appointed to the State Department Global Solutions Committee which connected her with Athens, Greece-based inventors George and Ermis Psipsikas of Nanobionic Group. Together they have developed this line of ground-breaking activewear, with each piece of clothing created with an all-natural and infused with infrared-emitting materials that recycle the energy produced by the body during activity.
LIVBionic merges fashion and function to create fitness wear that boosts recovery time, increases blood flow and provides a sustainable flow of energy during workouts. These far infrared activewear feature a chic “CH” Cocoon & Hive monogram and honeycomb hexagon pattern, and are available in a spectrum of earth tones and gold hues reminiscent of a beehive.

Far Infrared Activewear Health Benefits

Cocoon & Hive marries wellness with bohemian aesthetics, offering a variety of mindfully designed accessories, jewelry, art prints and skis. Daane’s iconic butterfly paintings come to life on vibrant throw pillows, wall hangings, scarves and more. “I have taken my butterfly paintings on an adventure around the world—collaborating near and far to create a treasure trove of wellness, design and beauty for a metamorphosing world,” says Daane. “True luxury starts on the inside. Each of my Cocoon Collaborators has found a way to take their passion and use it to raise the bar on their own personal growth in a way that will amplify yours.”