Bounce Back With Hangobi

Crack open a can of full-body rejuvenation from Hangobi.

Plant-based Recovery Beverage


Whether it be a headache after one too many glasses of wine, sensitive muscles from a particularly challenging workout or the dreaded 3PM wave of fatigue during the workday, maintaining a steady flow of productivity can be a challenge. Instead of downing a shot of espresso guaranteed to summon the jitters, or a sports drink packed with added sugar, the smarter and healthier choice is to nourish the body with a dose of balanced plant-based nutrients. While munching on a salad or sipping a green juice can be a great way to reset, busy schedules may demand a quicker, travel-friendly alternative with clean ingredients and proven beneficial after effects. More than an all-natural functional beverage, Hangobi is your antidote to navigating the ups and downs, constant chaos of your busy life. Hangobi is constructed with 6x wellness ingredients to keep you level and steady.

Hangobi, a plant-based recovery beverage line created by ex-Major League Lacrosse player ​​Conrad Oberbeck, is a vitamin-rich alternative to traditional energy drinks. With three flavors focused on “need states” or emotional mindsets, each Hangobi product is engineered to awaken the body and fight anxiety throughout the day. Hangobi’s vitamin-rich energy drink is a blend of amino acids, anti-inflammatory, adaptogens, B vitamins (100% daily value) and antioxidants increases hydration, detoxifies the body, and relieves stress and inflammation.

The WAKE formula features a tangy blend of blood orange, lemon and cayenne flavors, and contains a healthy dose of electrolytes and l-theanine to snap the mind, body and spirit back into shape. A quick fix for a bout of nausea, malaise or low blood sugar, the ESSENTIAL blend with cardamom, ginger and turmeric is infused with ashwagandha to soothe the digestive system. After a particularly hectic day, wind down with CALM, a mixture of tart cherry, elderberry and chamomile with valerian root, often referred to as the “godfather of tranquility”—a potent yet gentle herb meant to ease a worried mind, promote some rejuvenating shut-eye or relax tired muscles.

Hangobi is purpose built to bring you back to the best you, the proactive you, so that there are no more excuses to getting after it!