Flexpower’s Aspen Takeover Wins President’s Day Weekend


Wellness brand Flexpower celebrated its launch in Aspen by bringing a feel good attitude to the slopes, with events and special offers throughout President’s Day weekend. Best known as the premier scent-free pain relief lotion used by pro athletes around the world, Flexpower celebrated its debut in Aspen at all Gorsuch locations and The Little Nell by hosting five events between February 18-21.

“At Gorsuch, we try to find really special products, before other retailers. Flexpower was just that kind of product,” said John Gorsuch. “We are excited to be launching such an innovative and exciting wellness brand in Aspen that inspires feeling good, to our client base.”

On Friday, February 18th – “Flexpower Friday” – The Ski Shop in Aspen hosted an après ski social event that included samples of Flexpower’s scent-free pain relief lotions Warm and Soothe, as guests enjoyed music by DJ Haasy.

Saturday and Sunday featured the Flexpower Lounge at the base of Aspen Mountain with music by DJ’s Hassy, Emerald Wells & Gavlak. The event featured recharging stations, sampling and refreshments by Lemon Perfect, a refreshing, hydrating flavored lemon water with zero sugar and no artificial flavors or sweeteners, in keeping with the wellness theme of the weekend.

On Saturday February 19th the brand hosted two VIP experiences, a cabana at the newly minted Snow Beach atop Ajax mountain, and a packed launch party at famed Betula restaurant, with music by DJ Romina + Kozlow. The event was attended by Aspen Mayor Torre, Skico PR Director May Selby, Producer Bill Gerber, legendary hospitality king Tony Dilucia, plus many local athletes and skiiers.

On Sunday, February 20th Flexpower closed out the weekend by hosting the ultimate apres ski party at the base of Aspen mountain at the newly opened Chica, complete with branded orange beanies and music by local legendary DJ Nakag, direct from the 2022 Winter Olympics. Guests were treated to ice shots of Flexaritas and Power Palomas.

“Our mission at Flexpower is simple: to help people feel good,” said Heather Vandenberghe, CEO of Flexpower. “We all want to wake up and go about our day feeling our best. Flexpower’s collection of natural products that relieve and even prevent pain are just what the active Aspen community needs, and we were so honored by the enthusiasm and warm welcome we received in Aspen.”

The weekend’s events were produced in partnership with Flexpower Aspen brand ambassador Kimberly Bakker, and with event producer Kelsi Moore.

Get moving, stay moving…and experience all the ways we can help you feel your best every day. The mountain is calling, and we’ll see you there.



Founded in 2000 by former Cal Berkeley athlete Rasheen Smith, Flexpower has seen its reach grow from the best kept secret among professional athletes, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts to anyone looking to embrace a brighter, healthier, more actively engaged life. Today, Flexpower offers a full suite of all natural feel-good products designed to help people feel good, every day. flexpower.com