Toast to True Love With Casa Dragones

Casa Dragones sipping tequilas are perfect for pairing with a romantic Valentine’s Day meal.
Casa Dragones tequila
Small-batch sipping tequilas from Casa Dragones make the perfect Valentines’ Day Gift

Small-batch sipping tequilas from Casa Dragones are created with 100% Pure Blue Agave, embodying the meticulous detail of Mexican craftsmanship. Dubbed the “Tastemakers’ Top Tequila” by Forbes Magazine, Casa Dragones Joven is aged in new American Oak barrels, creating a silky-smooth finish that pairs effortlessly with food. This agave-forward tequila radiates a subtle floral and citrusy finish, this expression delivers notes of vanilla, spice and pear. This weekend, February 12-13 at Aspen’s Snow Lodge, guests can enjoy signature Casa Dragones tequilas alongside fresh caviar and oysters.  

For the tequila lover in your life. Gift your Valentine something distinctive. Casa Dragones Añejo Barrel Blend is the result of aging tequila using two styles of custom-made oak barrels, for a uniquely smooth, agave-forward taste profile.

Named by Epicurious as the “Best Blanco Tequila”, Casa Dragones Blanco brings the delicate flavor of agave to the tastebuds. A semi-sweet finish of pepper, cloves and almond, Blanco is perfect for enjoying on the rocks or in a cocktail. Tequila lovers will be delighted with this Casa Dragones Blanco cocktail, expertly crafted at Bad Harriet with indulgent coconut liquor and notes of chocolate: 

Bad Harriet | Casa Dragones Blanco Cocktail, The No.5

2 oz. Casa Dragones Blanco

1 oz. Cantera Negra Café

1 Tbsp Cocoa

.25 oz Kalani Coconut Liqueur

Muddled Walnuts

.25 oz Sherry