The Power of Light

Author, Celebrity Coach and Motivational speaker Christy Whitman sheds light on the art of manifestation and aligning with your Divine self.

Life is teeming with possibilities, endless opportunities to find success, happiness and well-being. Despite this infinite abundance, it’s easy for humans to slip into a toxic cycle of self-doubt, defeatism and dissatisfaction …in other words “non-deliberate creation” or “creating by default.” We are always manifesting. How and what we choose to manifest depends on us. Manifestation, a buzzword often mentioned in the fields of self-help and energy healing, is a metaphysical tool for escaping this rut and materializing one’s deepest wishes. While manifestation may seem simple in theory, mastering the practice eludes many. Christy Whitman, a New York Times bestselling author, motivational coach and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, is on a mission to share how to harness this spiritual aid with people across the globe.

The foundation of Whitman’s philosophy is channeled through the Quantum Council of Light, a collection of “the highest ascended beings of light that are here to assist humanity; to help those that are ready for this information and that want to awaken to their light and love bodies.” Whitman’s 2021 book, The Desire Factor, includes seven key principles for successful manifestation. Dubbed “the decoder ring for the law of attraction,” this educational guide provides a clear path to self-evolution. These seven principles open a divine energy stream that powers one’s life outcomes, and include alignment, focus, joyful expectancy, having, loving, surrender and action.

Christy Whitman

Whitman invites those of all experience levels to learn the fundamentals of this work through her signature programs. Students will be taught to understand their connection to the Divine with practical and easy-to-apply processes that both ground and expand the consciousness. 

Whitman’s books, The Art of Having It All and Taming Your Alpha Bitch have been New York Times bestsellers. She has also published Perfect Pictures, Quantum Success and most recently, The Desire Factor in April 2021, and is the host of the podcast “The Desire Factor”.