Artist File

The next wave: sustainable surf art from Lindsay Bardwil.
“Sea Royalty,” 2021 sand, stones, shells, mica, quartz crystal, acrylic paint, lacquer on repurposed surfboard 72 x 21 inches. Photo: Lindsay Bardwil

Name: Lindsay Bardwil

Age: 36

Current Residence: Montauk, New York

Driving Force: To create a positive effect not only on the physical world around me, but in the psyche of everyone who experiences my work. I strive to have my creations emulate the emotional and physical sensations that we experience when we go into nature, such as serenity, awe, relief and inspiration. Perhaps if we are reminded of those feelings, and are inspired to participate in spending more time physically in the environment, we will remember the importance of the natural world we live in, and strive to protect and heal it.

The Work: My solo exhibition at the Montauk Beach House comprises all works that were created on repurposed objects, surfboards and canvases. The majority of the materials used are natural and from the Earth, more specifically stones, sand, and shells that I gather from the seashore near my home. I am endlessly inspired by the beauty and purity of the environment I live in, and the colors and textures I’m surrounded by.

How do your surroundings affect your creative process? My surroundings are vital to my creative process. I do the majority of my creating outside, no matter what time of year it is. It is the most important and meaningful part of the creation process for me to be connected with nature and the elements. Living in a place where I have access and space to be able to do that has allowed me to connect to the work I’m doing in a deeper and more gratifying way.

Art as a form of wellness: Art is an extremely effective and positive avenue for our overall wellness, especially in the space of mental health. Creativity can allow us an outlet for introspection, healing and energetic release that doesn’t necessarily require verbal articulation, which is often the most difficult part of the process for some. Human beings are innately creators by nature, so utilizing this part of ourselves can provide a simple and fun form of wellness. Art absolutely has the power to heal and effect change.

What’s next? I’m excited to continue my journey toward creating artwork in a more sustainable and forward-thinking process. With each series I create, I am getting closer to using completely organic and repurposed materials, while also moving toward a process that creates zero waste.

Bardwil’s solo show, Paradise, at The Montauk Beach House is on view through Memorial Day weekend. The viewing party is Friday, May 27, from 6-9PM.